This might be hospitality but it’s not a pub

and drinkers banned from propping up the bar under plans aimed at allowing hospitality firms to reopen from July 4.

6 thoughts on “This might be hospitality but it’s not a pub”

  1. The other day I went for a long walk and the only thing I was missing was popping in to a pub or a beer garden. But with all the coming restrictions to the experience, I’d rather have that beer in my own garden. Not that I’d be that hesitant walking into a pub because of the chinese communist bat flu but because of those restrictions in place. Luckily at the moment I am very busy with a few major projects around the house so I feel I haven’t missed much.

  2. Come on law plan authority rule makers, why not have some fun.

    Bars allowed but unlabled whisky only a la wild west saloon…order… pour into shot glass… down… repeat between 3 and 5 times. leave, under pain of death (by zoom)

  3. Hallowed be, wouldn’t that be: While we’re at it… Sod off with that closing time and let adults decide when they close house for themselves?

    Past experience with UK and laws indicates that any measures put in now, will never be revoked…

  4. Pubs were already in trouble but their own supposed organisation wants them fucked over some more. Esp the cashless tip pile of shite.

    Don’t go in pubs much but not going at all if it means suck-a-Commissars-dick every time.

    Already–see Underdogs bite Upwards blog–lots of drink/smoke speakeasy’s around. They will thrive while official pubs just die.

    Arrogant scum.

  5. I’m surprised that they don’t require us to bring our own food and drink to the restaurant or pub. The guidelines have all the signs of having emerged from Captain Potato’s arse

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