This might not be the way to do it

Strengthening environmental regulations must be a key plank of the UK’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis to help prevent the spread of future pandemics, say a cross-party group of MPs – and bailouts for industries must contain strict conditions on their future environmental performance.

The economy’s entirely in the crapper, we’re going to be struggling to revive it when the time comes. So you want to add more regulation to make this more difficult?

Still, at least there’s a solution to this. We get the proponents to stand in front of the crowd and tell them all that they’re going to have to remain 25% poorer forever. The lampposts won’t be able to take the strain….

24 thoughts on “This might not be the way to do it”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    26 MPs led by Caroline Lucas, so that’s all right then. The guardian concludes both in sorrow and in anger: “No Conservative MPs have signed the letter.” Good.

  2. It might, but probably won’t, be interesting to see how they manage to tie the environment into this pandemic. Part of official policy is to remove access to the environment for as many people as possible

  3. Only seven Labour MPs signed. Maybe the rest have learned something from the events of the past four years.

  4. I’ll consider this proposal when I learn Lucas has gifted 4 of her 5 homes to the nation

  5. ‘The 26 MPs want the government to learn this lesson and encourage better agriculture, help developing countries to halt deforestation, and provide funding for poor countries to improve their health systems.’

    Coronavirus came from China. Parliament endeavors to ‘help’ China?

    ‘for poor countries to improve their health systems.’

    Impossible to get colonialism out of the hearts of Westerners.

  6. Diogenes

    Agenda 21: Is that genuinely Conservative Government policy as well – I didn’t know?

  7. ‘… to help prevent the spread of future pandemics…’

    As rational and as likely to succeed as ‘helping’ prevent the ebb and flow of the tides. First: lockdown the Moon.

  8. After the shambles of mathematical modelling applied to the present plague (and earlier to foot and mouth, and Mad Cow Disease) shouldn’t the mathematical modelling of climate be subjected to a bit more critical scrutiny?

    No need, chaps; I did it for you back in the 90s. It turned out to be a mixture of hubris and incompetence, followed by a slide into dishonesty.

  9. I protest the use of the word ‘model.’

    These are not models. Simulations for entertainment purposes.

  10. Judging by some of the media articles it does look like the environmental nuts are looking to hijack the results of the pandemic to further their own agenda.
    Still they have just seen sweeping changes in govt power being passed while the masses cheered them on along with a splurging of money that makes the eyes water so are most probably think it’s their turn next.

  11. Dennis, Climate-Change Denying Fruitcake

    What the fuck does the state of the environment have to do with this particular pandemic?

    The only argument at this time is whether it started in a Wuhan virology lab or a Wuhan wet market. Neither lab nor market have fuck all to do with “the environment”.

  12. Dennis, Offender of Krauts, Frogs and other Wogs

    Especially when the lab and market in question are in China and the environmental regulations are for Wog Central.

  13. O/T but connected.
    Yesterday was May Day holiday. So for this town, here, what few shops have been opening were closed. Something occurred to me. Spain runs to about 15 public holidays a year depending on region & city. Italy 13. Holland seems to subsist on half a dozen. Germany on 10. (UK has 8). It occurred to me, bearing in mind Club Med is expecting the northern taxpayers to rescue their bombed economies, it mightn’t be a bad gesture to suspend half of these days of idleness until they’re out of the shit. After all, every day worked is worth half a percent of GDP. Maybe the gesture might make northerners think they’re worth saving.
    But I don’t suppose they’d dream of it.

  14. Ummmm, quite.

    I happened to overhear something on the news, earlier today. Usual sort of thing, agitating for gubmint spend for clients. Rough sleepers and their immediate patrons, in this specific case.

    I found myself thinking of the new reality. Either we’re so broke that business as usual talk of this sort is an absurd throwback, or the economy hasn’t collapsed so we can continue to indulge our erstwhile fits of governmental Veblen spending.

    Or, and this is what I’m betting on, HMG will succeed in arbitraging our comparative ruin relative to that of some other nations, and my daughter and her children will get the bill.

    In short, business as usual. The usual massaging, kicking difficult decisions into the long grass, and pork barrelling.

    I don’t mean to downplay the current catastrophe. I just think our masters are very good at flattening these curves, so the usual noses will end up in the usual troughs. For now.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset


    Those holidays in Germany might be a bit misleading. It’s my experience that most occur on Tuesday or Thursday and so lead to very long weekends. (That might be a thing)

  16. The lampposts won’t be able to take the strain….

    I’m more worried about the lack of piano wire that will be required…

  17. UK must Cut Tax and Regulations, Mr Potato & Greens go FYS:

    “Cut Tax and Regulations”
    Right now is the country’s chance ‘to make Australia great again’

    Comment: “Mr Shadow: wish my country had real news like you -norwegian”

    ‘The 26 MPs want the government to learn this lesson and encourage better agriculture, help developing countries to halt deforestation, and provide funding for poor countries to improve their health systems’

    >£15 Billion pa isn’t enough? Way things are going UK will be a poor nation soon, will Saudi give us money?

    Left are deranged and incomprehensible – see Abbott’s recent online chatgroup: I was there, but not there

    Emma Thompson Stars as Vegan Eco-Loon in Extinction Rebellion Movie

  18. @BiND
    In France that’s called the pont. But of course they do much the same here. So suspending some of them would have more effect than it says on the tin.
    But I was thinking of it primarily as a gesture. Northern politicians have to look over their shoulders at their electorates. A lot of whom will have holidayed down here & be well aware of the Dago relaxed attitude to work. And might influence taxpayers being asked to accept joint responsibility for Club Med debt.

  19. BIS: I’d still say that just abolishing the euro is the simplest, cheapest and most effective method of dealing with the problem. But I suppose that’s why they won’t do it.

  20. The ‘pont’ in France cancels out. Their public holidays are on fixed dates, so when it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, they are ‘lost’; when they fall on a Tuesday or Thursday, you get an extra day.

  21. ‘If our economic system continues to push the natural world to destruction’

    Nothing destroys the natural world better than socialism.

    This isn’t secret knowledge. Even Lucas should know.

  22. From experience, you have the same number, maybe more, public holidays and “Bridge” days than in the UK. Nothing to write home about. But I remember one year in Amsterdam when I couldn’t do a 5 day week between the start of April and the end of May. It was a LONG time before the next public holiday.

    Don’t tell Newmy

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