Joe Biden vows to cancel oil pipeline to Canada

It’s an oil pipeline from Canada. This being easy to prove, look at a map. Now, the oils not going to run up now, is it? Quite, clearly, gravity works so it will flow from Canada into the US.

11 thoughts on “Times subs!”

  1. But supposing you’re an Australian “South-Uppist” ?
    How does the oil know which way to flow?

  2. When Trump speaks his poll numbers often go down and Biden’s go up. When Biden speaks his poll numbers go down and Trump’s go up. It’s a weird year. When they meet at the debates it’s going to be even weirder. The loser will probably be the one who opens their mouth last.



    “Imagine you are a barrel of Canadian oil.

    Write a letter to Donald Trump, explaining how you feel about this pipeline.”

  4. UNIVERSITY OF Anglia Ruskin


    “Imagine you are a developer of solar sites, like my good friend Jeremy Leggett

    Write a letter to Donald Trump, explaining how you feel about this pipeline.”

  5. Well…. to be honest.. It’s not on the same level a toe-curling cringe as the term “super-duper missile” ** during the unveiling of a new military flag, which in and of itself is straight from the Star Trek franchise…

    ** He meant the hypersonic scramjet missile that until now mainly managed to perform RUD midair…

  6. The oil pipelines really are a case of special interest groups holding large sections of the country to ransom while weak and ineffectual govt. just kowtows you them.
    The Supreme Court has made it clear that the First Nations right to be consulted is not a right of veto, yet still govt keeps going back and forth

  7. To date the main funders of the anti-pipeline movement have been the Russian government and G. Soros. It appears Mr. Biden has thrown in with the Russians. Wait ’till Mr. Trump starts ranting and railing about Biden being in bed with the Russians. It should be excellent theater.

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