North of Naples is a vast underground supervolcano that vents itself in mysterious earth movements and noxious gases. The Romans noticed. They concluded that Lake Avernus, in a round crater in this fuming landscape, was the entrance to Hades.

An entrance to hell, not the.

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  1. Pendantry, yes, but I used to live 500 yards from it. A family friend owns the south eastern rim of Lago Averno – note, the rim, not the lakeside place which was confiscated for being Mafia owned. Was out there 18 months ago, wandered past it…….pendantry, yes, but important pendantry.

  2. Campi flegrei are the supervolcano north and west of Naples. Vesuvius is to the east: it’s merely a volcano. Had the Campi Flegrei erupted two thousand years ago, the Bay of Naples would be minus Naples

  3. Ish, -ish. Solfatara and Vesuvius are very strongly though to be linked…..same magma chamber or whatever deep, deep, down.

  4. I always thought the Roman Hades was a load of ‘shades’ wandering about in the cold and dark, and that it was Christians who brought the flames of hell into the afterlife.

    But lakes have long been seen as gateways to the underworld since at least the Bronze Age. See also Arthurian legend.

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