Union organising in digital media

A very good thing, oh yes:

Five years ago, unions barely existed in digital media. Today, they may save the industry from the worst of the COVID-19 depression—and provide a model to other working professionals.

Within just a few months, five new digital-media companies unionized—Salon, The Guardian US, Vice’s editorial team, ThinkProgress, and Al Jazeera America.

Two of those five are bust and another employs – still – Amanduh.

Can’t see this is a great advertisement in favour of unionisation.

11 thoughts on “Union organising in digital media”

  1. Almost* all on the batshit mental left, so unionisation not exactly a great shock.

    * I’ve never seen anything from AlJizUS, so I’ll withhold comment on them …

  2. Unionisation makes no sense unless there’s some sort of monopoly employer. If you don’t have that, quit, go elsewhere. The easier that is, the weaker a union is.

    And changing papers is as simple as who you send your emails to,isn’t it? Not exactly much friction to change.

  3. You could hypothesize that when business started to go bad, management took steps that alienated the employees.

    ‘Cept business was always bad. These publications are hobbies, not businesses. Like Washington Post.

  4. “Among the key issues for the writers, who struck for 14 weeks, ” that past tense reads very clunkily to me. Went on strike for or …whose strike lasted for….But is it genuinely a thing, always been a thing, a USian thing or did the hacks union just spend 4 days negotiating that it should be a thing.

  5. Internet hacks appreciating at long last that they are not a priestly caste. They just work.

    Yes, like lawyers.

  6. @Gamecock

    Rebels fighting Gov imposed “strike” – Let us work & play

    Tensions escalate in California: Cities file lawsuits against Dem Gov. Newsom
    – Sky Aus: Large crowds protest California beach closures
    – youtube.com/watch?v=rKp5S0l62s4

    Hundreds protested in the Michigan Capitol against Dem Gov. Wretched Whitmer’s push to extend stay-at-home orders
    – Fox wording on vid desc is troubling

    After blasting Maine’s Dem Gov, Tucker talks to brave citizen defying her orders

    Experts don’t like to admit they’re wrong
    But if the experts advising our government officials want the rest of us to take them seriously, their recommendations have to be reasonable and well-founded

    We need same rebellion in UK

  7. BlokeInNormandyFromTejas

    I’m all for unionised news outlets. Puts their costs up lots, and if the unions remember the past, it’s not just extra money that’ll be imposed, it’ll be a work rulebook too – no, *you* can’t write about health – you’re the foreign affairs correspondent.

    This does two things – one, it drives the idiots out of business faster. And secondly, it exposes (yet again) the two-forked tongue of the left – that is – unions good. But being driven out of business is bad.

    Heigh ho!

  8. Unions are just a weapon to destroy capitalism. In the glorious peoples Utopia they are unnecessary.

  9. Dear incredibly bumhurt typists,

    Your jobs aren’t coming back and you’re easily replaced by amateur bloggers, AI content generators, and semi-trained pigeons randomly pecking at keyboards.

    So learn to code or something, lol

  10. The *editorial* *team* have unionised? What, so they can go on strike when they disagree with themselves?

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