Vox.com’s audience explained

It’s for those whose toilet training didn’t quite take, or is so recent that it’s not properly sunk in as yet. After all, who else finds using a public toilet complicated?

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  1. In Finland they have toilets in libraries where one can shoot up drugs, ministers hope to open up libraries ASAP. Social democracy you see, people have rights.

    Was it Steve who mentioned that he doesn’t have any dreams with other people in them? Well I had a nightmare last night, I was in the Oval office, things were going bad for Trump because there were Greta, WHO and UN there too and Trump had to run everything by them first. Greta was being most obnoxious and Trump had to take it. Things are bad when Greta and Trump get into my dreams.

  2. Choosing the correct facility to use can be complicated. Males here, females there doesn’t have enough granularity.

  3. Much more complicated than her next project – “This year, she will be researching Irish-Jewish identity in the 20th century. “

  4. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Vox.com’s audience explained

    If you ever run into anyone who boasts about the superiority of an Ivy League education, just tell them that Vox is staffed and managed by Ivy League graduates.

    It’d take years of searching at Ohio State, Michigan, Texas or Alabama to find a crew that’s Vox level stupid.

  5. The day before lockdown I had to use the bog at a service station, and (surprise, surprise) it was pretty unpleasant. There was another guy thoroughly washing his hands & wrists (obviously following the guidelines) – yet having done so, and dried them, he grabs the door handle to leave. I’ve long thought that the ONLY way such a palaver will be of any use is when taps, soap, driers AND the bloody door are all “Hands Free”. And electric driers are an excellent way of blowing germs & virus spores about…

  6. I was amused when the first Dyson hand-dryers were installed. Clearly they’d do a fine job of directing a spray of water droplets up into your eyes. And yet the old-fashioned hand dryers were typically mounted higher and aimed the air flow downwards.

    Be that as it may, surely large numbers of people are going to be even more reluctant that usual to use public bogs?

  7. Best complaint I’ve seen so far was that there needed to be a procedure for the wet wipe container as people were opening and closing the lid without wiping it down, the agreed solution was to leave the lid open and discard any dried out wipes.
    The turning the office into a giant board game with directional spaces arrows so people don’t pass each other is also odd for an enclosed air conditioned site as well.

  8. yet having done so, and dried them, he grabs the door handle to leave.

    Yep, he cleaned his own hands thoroughly of his germs and then added everyone else’s. Drag your sleeve down and use that to grab the handle, I’ve been doing that for years, having seen how few people even bother washing their hands in pub toilets.

  9. Dennis, Geography Master and Pendant

    Drag your sleeve down and use that to grab the handle, I’ve been doing that for years, having seen how few people even bother washing their hands in pub toilets.

    Are Brits supposed to wash their hands in pub toilets? Is this another of those wog customs that so baffle us septics?

  10. Gamecock at Clemson football game ~50 years ago.

    Clemson student to Gamecock upon leaving the restroom:

    “At Clemson, they teach us to wash our hands after using the bathroom.”

    Gamecock: “At South Carolina, they teach us not to pee on our hands.”

  11. I last used a public bathroom in the mid-70s when we had building work at home for a short time had no bath. (Baby brother was bathed in the kitchen sink.) Since then the country has been rich enough that everybody has a bathroom at home, and public baths have become extinct, other than the swimming kind.

  12. A couple of years ago my company had some ‘diverse’ trainees who thought it was perfectly acceptable to wash their feet in the basins in the ‘mens room’, by doing so soaking the floor, prior to going into a pod (a small meeting room for 4 / 5 people)to pray.

  13. “Drag your sleeve down and use that to grab the handle”

    Yes, that’s pretty much what I did. But then I carry other peoples germs around on my clothes! As I inferred in my original comment, until such time as ALL the aspects of washing*, drying* and leaving the room can be done by touch-free sensors & automated door openers, washing your hands is of limited use, and may make matters worse.

    * I notice that some toilets now have automatic, sensor controlled soap dispensers – but this mode isn’t always made clear! And any form of hot air dryer is clearly no longer a good idea, with disposable paper towels being preferable. But they need to accessible without having to dig around inside a half-empty dispenser – as is often the case – and will need more frequent checking by cleaners…

  14. Gamecock retains the paper towel after drying his hands to use for opening the door, then tossing on the way out.

    New behaviors and processes created to deal with Covid. In the end, we are all responsible for our own salvation.

    Argued with a neighbor yesterday about the efficacy of mouth masks. I say no, he rants that is BS, “Of course they help!”

    A few days ago, I went to the internet to get the definitive answer. Mayo said:

    ‘Can face masks help prevent the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)? Yes, face masks combined with other preventive measures, such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing, help slow the spread of the disease.’

    This is the like the feminist claim that three quarters of all women have been raped or whistled at.

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