Well, that refutes him then

Matt Lauer has accused Ronan Farrow of shoddy and biased journalism in his book Catch and Kill, which included a rape accusation against the former Today show host that Lauer claims is false.

Farrow, a Pulitzer Prize-winning staff writer at the New Yorker, said Lauer “is just wrong”.

What else do we need to know?

10 thoughts on “Well, that refutes him then”

  1. I read that Mr Lauer did not deny the existence of the secret “rape” button under his desk which could have prevented females from exiting his office but claimed that he never actually used it.

    A bit like smoking pot but not inhaling it or being photographed holding a wreath at a wreath-laying ceremony but not actually participating.

    Time to stop digging Matt.

  2. From wikipedia:

    In Catch and Kill, Farrow reveals one of the alleged victims as Brooke Nevils, who says Lauer anally raped her in his hotel room while the two were in Sochi covering the 2014 Winter Olympics for NBC. Farrow also writes in his book that Nevils had additional sexual encounters with Lauer after the initial incident, but she characterized those encounters as “transactional”, and consented only out of fear that Lauer had control over her career.

    What the actual goddam bitchin’ fuck?

    If someone arse-raped me on a work trip, the last thing I would do is agree to further penetration in the hope of furthering or maintaining my career.

    I have no trouble at all in believing the victims of these utter creeps but they don’t help themselves.

    Once again, the solution seems to be lions.

  3. Dennis, Big Game Hunter-Gatherer

    So far this week we have employed media dirtbag Ben Smith and unemployed media dirtbag Matt Lauer attacking Ronan Farrow… In both instances well after the fact and out of the blue.

    My guess is that Ronan Farrow has more dirt on NBC that will be disclosed sooner rather than later.

  4. Well, Steve is quids in if lion demand explodes. We might need to employ leopards & jaguars too in that case. And for discipline rather than the ultimate sanction, honey badgers!

  5. I started watching that Tiger King documentary on Netflix, but found it made me far too angry and depressed. Not enough of those people getting their faces bitten off.

    Anyway, the programme suggested there are huge numbers of lions and tigers being raised in the US. I suggest a grand freeing of the beasts, and get them accustomed to their new freedom by turning them on their captors. The next stage, once they have a taste for the flesh of worthless fucktards, would be to release them in LA and NYC, perhaps with the odd GoPro attached if it can be done safely.

    Perhaps Uncle Sam might even have a few spare to boost the breeding programme for the UK’s National Lions Service…

  6. The tigers are a good alternative… Apes are on their natural menu, after all.. Lions are just opportunistic dilletantes in that respect.

    Honeybadgers… could work…

    For minor transgressions I think dousing the culprit with Eau de Lupin ( well…mostly Eau, it’s the Avec that does the trick..) and parking said individual in an enclosure with an ewe with lamb would be proper deterrent to recidivism.

  7. Why would smelling of a Portuguese bar snack endanger you in the presence of a ewe with lamb? Lupins? Loup maybe?

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