Well, yes, justice delayed is justice denied

A London Underground manager sacked for sexually harassing a female colleague has been awarded a £14,000 payout after bosses took too long to dismiss him, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Olushola Adenusi, 59, was subject to disciplinary proceedings after he told a woman he wanted to sleep with her and that he could tell she was fit by her body shape.

The customer services manager was sacked for gross misconduct but took legal action against London Underground on the grounds of unfair dismissal.

An employment tribunal found that while the decision to fire him for harassing the woman, known only as C1, was reasonable, the 16-month investigation took so long that it became unfair.

So when do those investigated for kiddie fiddling get compo for the length of time it all takes?

Or doesn’t that work because the Carl Beech victims were in fact innocent?

12 thoughts on “Well, yes, justice delayed is justice denied”

  1. Was he sacked for just that? Because I’d have thought a first offence merited a lesser punishment than immediate dismissal…

  2. the woman, known only as C1,

    Cvnt one?

    “Woman, you fine. I wanna fvck you where the sun don’t shine.”

    Yeah, OK, that’s probably a dismissal.

  3. Unless the Underground employs child labour the female can hardly be a “kiddie” . Ergo not a child molester–whatever may have happened. Is it a “he said/she said” or are there witnesses?

  4. Yes, and one can imagine the investigation. Everyone involved trying to ensure it doesn’t end up on their desk. Wonder it was only 16 months.

  5. Reading between the lines it looks like if she’d just said “no” both parties would have forgotten about it and got on with their lives. It seems the chap’s greatest crime was gross coarseness. But then, if the coarseness isn’t ground off a few with “piss off creep!”s he’s never going to learn societally polite ways of offering your interest.

  6. Can’t see the full article, was thinking it may depend on if he missed out on overtime/shift allowances or some other form of payment during that time, some form of technical argument of earnings vs base pay, assuming he was suspended with pay.
    If he was suspended without pay I’d have thought the figure would be higher and it wouldn’t have dragged on for 16months

  7. Justice Denied by BoJo

    Parliament Demands Boris Govt Answer Grooming Gangs Petition

    This cover-up is worse than most as when launched Javid said it would be open

    PM Boris Johnson is as pathetic, useless and weak as Jim Hacker as he wants everyone to like him

    The Left don’t care if people suffer or die. NHS has become a job, not a vocation

    Yes Minister, The Compassionate Society – fully staffed empty hospital

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