Well, you grasp the point, but…..

MPs will be asked to support new quarantine measures for all international arrivals which will give police the power to carry out spot checks at homes and impose £1,000 fines.

The Government is on Friday expected to unveil its long-awaited quarantine plans which will require all arrivals, including returning Britons, to provide an accommodation address where they will self-isolate for 14 days.

Border Force, police and Public Health England (PHE) officers will run and enforce the quarantine where travellers will face spot checks at the addresses they submit on forms on arrival at airports or ports. It is expected there will be about 100 spot checks a day.

Wedge issues.

Currently the police do not have the right/ability to ask who are you, what are you doing here. After this they will – and it’ll not be rescinded, once granted. It’s the start of “Your papers, please”.

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  1. Thorough hand washing at your point of arrival still going to be optional. The single biggest difference a person can make and after a journey of several hours involving a couple of taxis probably, it’s not compulsory.
    I think Tim is onto something – the government don’t want to protect you, they want the right to take away your freedoms.

  2. Looking forward to that nice Mr Farage filming the Border Force as they collect UK accommodation addresses on the beach at Dover – hopefully he will also be able to film the police turning up at the addresses given in order to carry out spot checks and collect any £1000 fines which might become due…..

    At least the police will have 14 days in which to carry out the spot checks and levy the fines – after all, the new arrivals won’t be going out for 14 days, will they?


  3. What’s the point of the fine? If the incomers don’t have the address or the money what then? Deportation? That’ll work for the boat people too, so why won’t we do it?

    A fine will not help anybody infected by the recalcitrant rich people who pay it either.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Border Force, police and Public Health England (PHE) officers

    I’m struggling here – taken individually it’s hard to judge which of these is the most hectoring, zealous and inept agency. The certainty is that in combination they will make a pig’s ear of the task, widely overstep their mandate and antagonise each other and the luckless people they bully.

  5. And those immunity certificates they are talking about won’t work without a ton more intrusion into private life either.

    Makes you wonder, why don’t we save on home grown busybodies and invite the CCP in to show us how to do it properly.

  6. Then all of us need to ensure that the creeps don’t get away with creeping this scummy mission. All the more vile when we know countless illegal fuckers are being allowed to walk into the UK.

    Fightbacks ARE going on. They only get away with ANY shite because WE let them.

    The Crimebodge bloke is bringing a private prosecution against some cop scumbag who assaulted a member of the public. Plod investigates himself in UK and ensures little bad happens to most police scum . They can get away with wanking publically in a first class train compartment and still keep their jobs. CB bloke has been crowd-funded for the case but there is a shitload more we can do. If 5-10% of people went after MP scum that would be enough to sink ALL theur schemes sooner or later.

    Some kind of legal action to force that dozy cow Patel to release the FULL Grooming Gang report now not after it has been neutered. That is the kind of action that needs to grow. God knows there will soon be plenty of anger about once millions complete their furlough-to-dole trip and countless businesses collapse.

    Interesting to see what Farage is about. He would never touch immigration before–likely to prevent the left getting any waycism ammo. But now the EU is choking into WTO Brexit–Bloj only has that left as any sort of good record so is far less likely to ruin it now–Farage seems as if he could be laying the groundwork for a re-cast third Party. He talks of retiring–but instead he knows a new issue is needed to follow up on Brexit. A whole raft–no pun intended– of issues that BlueLabour are our enemies on just as surely.

  7. Nope, I’m afraid Tim has got this one completely wrong.

    Currently the rozzers do have the right and ability to ask you who you are and what you are doing here at any time and for any reason. You also have the right and ability to decline to supply that information and that is the end of the matter (unless you are dripping with blood or there is some other suspicious circumstance). This situation will not change under the proposed measures. It isn’t as if the intent or likely outcome is for the rozzers to be stopping everyone in the street in order to establish if they should be home under quarantine. It is simply a case of the rozzers visiting the homes of those under quarantine and knocking the door to see if you are there. You are free not to answer the door, the rozzers will then likely either raise a fixed penalty notice or report to the CPS to decide whether to proceed. You are then free to challenge the FPN or prosecution and let the magistrates sort it out. It doesn’t appear that the rozzers will need any new powers at all. I make no comment on the need for quarantine, I am just making the point that Tim’s analysis of the situation is incorrect.

  8. About time. I would like my ID card now please …As I am not planning to commit any crimes I`m happy with that. You can find out who I am in about ten seconds anyway so the end of the borong media confected non debate will be welcome

  9. So, I arrive, give a genuine address which I don’t intend to hole up in, and when they visit I’m not there so they raise a FPN. So what, I’m at the other end of the country, and foreign to boot. How are they going to punish me or stop me spreading infection?

  10. The Meissen Bison

    How are they going to punish me

    They will harass people who look like you; harass people with a name like the one you said was yours; harass people who live at or near the address you gave. they will then pass the blame around among themselves for losing you. They will then punish with greater ferocity the next incomer they can pin down.

    You, though, should be fine.

  11. Facepaint–no surprise that an EU-owned freak like you is an ID-card stooge. Something else you are not going to get . Unless you want to move to your precious EU.

    Just why are you still here BTW? You hate UK and it is largely mutual.

  12. About time. I would like my ID card now please …As I am not planning to commit any crimes I`m happy with that. You can find out who I am in about ten seconds anyway so the end of the borong media confected non debate will be welcome

    Why am I not surprised that Quisling scum like Facepainter is a supporter of ID cards?

  13. Putting aside the civil liberties issue for a moment, what is the point here? Someone arriving in London from Birmingham is treated like everyone else in London. Someone arriving from (insert foreign city name here) is quarantined for 14 days – why? Someone arriving from a known hot spot, OK, quarantine it is. But people arriving from countries with similar infection rates and protocols?

    Seriously, not getting the point, at least not getting the theoretical justification.

  14. Rozzers can ask currently. As can you or I. And we can also say to the Rozzers “Going about my lawful business, Constable” and that’s the end of the matter. For they’ve not got the right to gain and answer, only the common ability to ask any passer by whatever anyone likes, as with the rest of us.

  15. Correct, Esteban. The policy may have had some beneficial affect – in March. It’s just stupid, now.

  16. @ nogoodnames
    “What if you are only visiting for a week?”
    That begins at the end of 14 days so consider the quarantine as time out (or in, I suppose it should be)

  17. “What if you are only visiting for a week?”

    You don’t.
    Mind… With the cheap “Hop over to….” travel industry flat on its arse, you don’t even want to “go for a week”. Too expensive. I had planned to visit an event or two in autumn, when all of this should have blown over. Not so much at current prices.

  18. I wish Newmania could explain himself better. You can already carry ID at all times if you want to in GB. No-one here would want to stop you.
    Is this about desiring to make it compulsory for everybody else, and if we get a tyrannical system we have to hire lobbyists to go abroad to try and overturn the same system in 27 other places before ours can be changed. Is that really it?

  19. May as well give your address as 221B Baker Street, London, NW1. No police officer will recognise it.

  20. They’ll bust a few people in the first week or two, get some publicity in the papers and then put their feet up and get back to Twitter.

  21. Well the French are already exempt aren’t they, no doubt there will be other exemptions, hard to see how French can be exempt without exempting entire EU for a start.
    And wasn’t there talk about ‘bridges’ to low risk countries where the regulations wouldn’t apply so wouldn’t be supposed to see a reciprocal agreement with Greece and Spain that allowed people to visit without quarantine on return.

  22. I think they thought thee was a risk that people might mistake them for having a modest level of competency…

  23. WTF are Public Health England (PHE) officers? Do they have armoured vehicles? Artillery? An air defence capability? If they don’t it can only be a matter of time.

  24. There’s no civil liberties issue on this one. Borders have always been historically a place where you must show your papers and prove your bona fides. Different laws apply, and always have.

    Extending it in time and place is for the traveler’s benefit. NZ is currently quarantining all visitors.

  25. That makes sense. NZ has only 1,500 cases. Controlling incoming people can help keep that low level.

  26. More work for Border Farce could be good, fewer to provide taxi service for illegals from France

    Don’t see point of doing this now when cases falling fast. No immigrants should have been done in January

    More farcical Gov’t “be seen to be doing something” authoritarian to placate Left

    +1 Grant Shapps 3 May, we’re discussing closing borders in two weeks. 10 May: maybe in June….

    +1 More fake police who bully public

  27. Perhaps the more interesting question is why anyone in government thinks such a crackpot scheme has any chance of actually working. Except we know the answer to that question already!

  28. Dear Mr Worstall

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    We* the sheeple demand it.

    Freeborn DP

    * present company mostly excluded.

  29. My reopened hair cutter wants me to sign a form to get a haircut. One of the questions is “Have you been out of the country in the last 28 days?”

    The U.S. more cases than any other country. 30% of the world’s Covid cases. 1,600,000.

    The question might have been useful 2 months ago, now it’s just a JOKE.

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