When people stop shagging HIV infections fall

This really is a surprise, isn’t itisn’t it?

Their findings confirmed what health professionals nationwide had predicted: through complying with measures to physically distance, the public are having less “risky” unprotected sex with new partners. This alone has helped slow the rate of HIV transmission, but a prolonged period of sexual inactivity in Britain has other benefits in the attempt to slow new cases of HIV.

So, all that was necessary to slow/stop the spread of HIV was that people stop shagging around. Hmm, well, OK, but that might have been a simpler solution all along, no?

20 thoughts on “When people stop shagging HIV infections fall”

  1. It’s ok, soon they’ll have a reliable antibody test and normal loose shagging behaviour can be resumed.


    Of course, if you need one of these passports to go back to work, then this will happen


    Do they even slightly think these things through our are they just making it up as they go along?

    Of course people will go out and deliberately get Winnie the Flu. It isn’t that bad really and if the alternative is penury, it’s a no-brainer

  2. ” So, all that was necessary to slow/stop the spread of HIV was that people stop shagging around.”

    Everybody has known it for 35 years, but thanks to intensive lobbying by activists in the US and here, it was seen as politically unacceptable to simply tell homosexuals to stop sodomising each other.

  3. Reading the original article, there’s a bit of wishful thinking going on there. Relationships will soon get back to normal, especially since we see that, except for a minority, COVID is not really that bad. STDs will tick back up to normal levels too.

  4. It also coincides with the widespread use of ‘PreP’ which may be a game-changer with respect to the highly promiscuous nature of te gays. How are the normal rates of STDs holding up?

  5. Fear of a mild flu keeps them home, but fear of an actual incurable killer virus never stopped them shagging before?

    Or is it just that the bathhouses are closed?

  6. Jonathan:

    Absolutely correct. The same is heard regarding abortion. There is no way the people could ever be dissuaded from having unprotected sex, so we’ve got to carry on with abortions.

  7. Dr Anthony Fauci became a darling of the Left in the 1980s by saying homo sex was NOT the cause of HIV transmission.

  8. People are being fined for disobeying lock down rules. Anyone presenting to a clinic with a recently acquired STD should logically be fined. That won’t stop them shagging, but it will spread the STDs.

  9. BBC has an article form a STD specialist saying there had been a downturn in STD reported and this was an opportunity to change etc., one persons pandemic crisis is another’s opportunity I suppose.
    Do wonder if even STD clinics have suffered from the stay home protect NHS mantra and how many people haven’t been to see the doctor about their problems

  10. STD reported – down. STD ‘walk in’ clinics closed

    Correlation, causation?

    Dentists closed; fewer people having fillings, oral health improved /sarc

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