Yes, this is only an annoyance but still….

There are grandchildren out there. Who, as a result of the latest announcements, don’t have to be in any particular place until the autumn.

There is also a large flat in Portugal which can accommodate grandchildren.

A once in a lifetime chance – leaving aside Gap Yeahs perhaps – to have 3 months at the beach. Or in the sunshine at least.

This coinciding with not being able to get here* and also there being bugger all – other than the beach – to do once here.


* I’ve even pondered whether they might be able to use Eurostar to get over the Sleeve and I’d rent a car – rather cheap at present – and pick them up but land borders are still closed.

19 thoughts on “Yes, this is only an annoyance but still….”

  1. Similar problem here. Son is locked down in a small apartment in UK. He has Dual UK/Swedish nationality. He could come over to Sweden, work remotely and not be totally isolated.

    But he can’t get here

  2. Am I being dense here? I thought there were still flights going from UK to both Sweden and Portugal.

  3. No idea what “the Sleeve” is. You can find out how to sort out all the Eurostar and connections etc at (or any other destination).

    As for the beach, my kids were heartily sick of it after about 2 months of nothing else when we moved to Estepona in 2011.

  4. Are there no chimneys ? Are there no cotton mills ? There’s always useful stuff for children to do.

  5. See also

    Borrowed from Old French maunche, one of the variants of manche, from Latin manica [itself from Latin manus, hand]: (heraldry) A long stylised sleeve.

    Incidentally “manche” isn’t just the French word for “sleeve” but also a baseball or cricket inning(s) or a frame of snooker.

  6. I saw a report that Wizz Air has resumed flights from Luton to various places, including Portugal.

    The brilliant BBC website displays a line or so of the story in Google search results, then if you click it takes you the Wizzair share price. So I can’t link the Portugal report, but it’s definitely there.

    They seem to be doing sensible precautions.

  7. “passengers can only disembark if they are Portuguese nationals or residents”

    Sail there and then claim to be refugees/asylum seekers. If yer Lusitanians are as dim as us they’ll accept any old bogus claim.

  8. The Meissen Bison

    MBE: also a baseball or cricket inning(s) or a frame of snooker

    Yes, but that’s perhaps being a bit too specific. It’s a part of any game so also a game (as opposed to a rubber) at bridge or a half of football.

  9. @TMB

    Or a set of tennis, and so on. I know, but I felt compelled to list the “least French” translation 🙂

  10. Hopefully we’ll flatten the curve of stupid in time for your grandsprogs to spend at least a month with you. The novelty might have worn off over three months.

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