You’d think people might understand this

Progress can be reversed all too easily. The latest Rainbow Map of Europe shows that: the map tracks European countries’ LGBT+ rights and protections, and it shows that some countries are sliding backwards.

The UK is one of them. In 2015, it was rated the best place in Europe for LGBT+ rights; this year, it’s ninth. And that’s before we see the effects of having an equalities minister who doesn’t see protecting LGBT+ rights as part of her portfolio.

Hmm. In 2020 the UK got 66. In 2019, the UK got 66.

This is sliding backwards apparently.

What actually happened was that other places got better rather than staying static. Which is a cause for celebration of course, things are getting better. Except in activist world……

33 thoughts on “You’d think people might understand this”

  1. “Other countries got better”…what an interesting claim, or way to put it. I’m fed up with this whole agenda and topic, who fives a flying fuck about someone’s sexuality as long as they keep it to themselves and don’t ram it down our necks (my neck)? Do people actually go their way to harass trannies or ladyboys* and such like creatures of the night?

    * A friend of mine on his first trip to Thailand had a lucky escape as he started feeling her under the dress while trying to open the hotel room door. There’d been lots of kissing all night and now he found a pair of bollocks filling up his hand.

  2. Viima Lampinen, co-chair of the ILGA-Europe executive board, said news that more governments are adopting pro-trans, intersex and non-binary laws should be read with “extreme caution”.

    Well, who is Vilma Lampshade?

    Viima Lampinen is an agender queer human rights activist and equality consultant from Finland, now based in Iceland.

    That’s a lot of words to say “Moomin-faced weirdo”:

  3. ‘the map tracks European countries’ LGBT+ rights and protections’

    At the expense of others’ rights and protections.

    ‘things are getting better.’

    Statism marches on.

    ‘Except in activist world……’

    Statism hasn’t taken over, yet. LBT are props for the CM. Completely disposable. It’s actually not about them at all. Bigmouth is a tool.

  4. What’s this post got to do with feminism, Tim? It’s sailing under false colours. It’s that geezer-in-a-frock again. You got something going with him? Personally, I’d prefer he didn’t exist and in better times he wouldn’t. Not for very long, anyway.

  5. Jussi – So, “frigid ditch” would be a faithful nonliteral translation then? Bloody hell, nominative determinism is real.

    I dunno if it’s the 5G chemtrails they use to turn the frogs gay or what, but there’s a lot more androgynous looking oddballs going about than I remember. Kind of like ugly versions of the Eloi from that film with Rod Taylor.

    Truth, beauty and goodness are different dimensions of the same thing, from an ontological perspec. Therefore when someone deliberately uglifies themself, it tells us something about their relationship with lies and badness.

    I know what you’re thinking: Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?

    But it doesn’t matter who I am, all that matters is our plan. As always, I prescribe lions.

    Want to deconstruct the heteropatriarchal gender matrix? Lions!

    Interested in dressing like a sex fiend from the Doom franchise and reading stories to kids? Lions!

    Look like Harold Bishop in stripper clothes and believe you have the right to lecture normal people about morality? Lions!

    My ways may be unorthodox and not pass “health and safety” or “human rights” checklists, but it is a truth, universally acknowledged, that you can’t bullshit a 30 stone apex predator kitty that wants to eat you.

  6. Pink News pretends to obey legislation about Internet Privacy *BUT* their cookie option screen does not allow one to access the option panel for those I want to switch off.
    Pink pseudo-woman bad!

  7. @ Steve
    Presumably your lions are descended from Danial’s who were able to discern virtue.

  8. So what’s the idea then, Steve ? We put a load of LGBTers in the O2 against a crack team from Longleat ?

    Gladiatorial combat first to warm up the audience I reckon, that’d be a rite larf.

  9. The “Equalities Minister” SHOULD view equal rights as part of her job, not *unequal* which is what “Carrie Marshall” is demanding. My LGBT+ friends are completely willing to let me continue in my old-fashioned ways, as a conventionally married OAP, and I let then continue in their new-fashioned ways, but “Carrie” and “their” like *demand* that I conform to their agenda.
    How about equal rights for me?

  10. Exactly what ‘rights’ do they think they are missing now that marriage/civil partners has been sorted?
    Or is the right to override others rights and insist they do what they want, like the baker case in US?
    In which case they can shove it up whatever part of their anatomy suits them today.
    Noticed that Australia as part of their contact app passed laws about discriminating against people who hadn’t downloaded it, one exception being you could insist on people using it if they wanted to enter your home as that was your personal right and not the states.

  11. the bottom 3 countries – Azerbaijan, Armenia and turkey are not european countries. Like others i’m fed up with the bleating from these people.

  12. Steve

    “Truth, beauty and goodness are different dimensions of the same thing, from an ontological perspec. Therefore when someone deliberately uglifies themself, it tells us something about their relationship with lies and badness.”

    Indeed. That’s why the praise for Little Richard – bisexual pervert and talentless exhibitionist – had me reaching for the sick bag.

  13. Regarding the Moomin-whatever: Regardless of the paint and frills to make themselves look edgily different why are their expressions nevertheless always *identical* and reminiscent of the proverbial B licking P off an N.

    Oh, one more thing: Lions!

  14. Adults with the sodomy urge left to get on with it-OK their affair.

    Pestering 6 yr old kids with all that shite–not OK.

    BluLabour scum not only fine with kids being got at but making it happen–yet somehow we aren’t moving up The Scale of Sod? WTF more do the bastards want?

    Ottokring–“A crack team from Longleat” V good.

  15. Not sure about Moomin. That photo puts me more in mind of the late Ray Allan’s puppet duo – Tich and Quackers.

    “You daft duck” (that ages me!).

  16. That’s noble, Mr Phrastus. But how do you make it sit comfortably with the perversions of the Tories?

    Why must truth, beauty, non-perversion, stop short of politics?

  17. Apparently, one of the Kray brothers was adamant that he was not “gay” but that he was “homosexual”.

  18. Alas, M’Lud, if you took the perversions out of the Tories what would you have left?

  19. “Why must truth, beauty, non-perversion, stop short of politics?”

    It doesn’t. But, as a reactionary Whig, I compromise and vote Tory while holding my nose, because they are better than a left-liberal-socialist hegemony.

  20. “If ontologists confuse beauty with goodness & truth…”

    They don’t confuse beauty, truth and goodness. Rather, certain ontologists claim they tend to converge. You would look at some lying whore and judge her rack and pussy beautiful (aka profitable to you), but some of us might beg to differ, considering that her personal qualities detracted from her beauty, at least overall.

  21. Wait till the proportion of Muslims increases just a little more and they’ll really find out what violent anti-homosexual intolerance looks like.

  22. Tracking EU on things that matter (ie not LGBTxyz)

    – Trade talks on the brink – Disappointing progress, EU’s Michel Barnier complains

    – Italian MEP lashes out at EU bosses: Italy does NOT trust you! EU money will be too late

    Oh dear,how sad, never mind
    – 35 year old Lard-Arse ‘Student’ Nurse Recovering From Covid-19 whines

  23. Pcar, pls post your points, not links to where we might find your point.

    Do you really think we’re going to go look at a vid of “35 year old Lard-Arse ‘Student’ Nurse Recovering From Covid-19 whines” ???

  24. @Gamecock

    1 EU’s Michel Barnier complains; Oh dear, how sad, never mind
    2 Italy attacking EU again; giggle
    3 Oh dear, how sad, never mind

    3 Look at? Best not too. I don’t get why any viewers interested in some random’s tales of woe. My description more accurate than click bait as ‘student nurse’ ~teen/young not Fat 35 mother of three. I’d bet she’s a trainee nurse auxiliary. Demonstrates how poor TV ‘news’ is

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