A scrap dealing wideboy speaks

I never condone violence. I usually condemn criminal damage. I think peaceful protest is usually more powerful than anything involving violence or damage, and most protestors always know that. But if toppling Edward Colston was the price to pay for bringing forward change that should have happened years and even decades ago, then a bit of damage to some old brass was worth it on this occasion.

Statues are made of bronze, not brass. Sigh.

21 thoughts on “A scrap dealing wideboy speaks”

  1. ’ I never condone violence. I usually condemn criminal damage.’

    ‘…except when it’s my side doing it, then it’s totes OK!’

  2. The thing with mobs is they know the boundaries, stick to the one issue Richard condones. They stop at that one thing only.

  3. “…then a bit of damage to some old brass was worth it on this occasion.”

    They’re attacking sex-workers?

  4. In the comments section for this turgid blog on TRUK Spud fist-types “I may have been stronger than Starmer on the failure of local Tories on the issue” (of the Colston statue). There must be town / cities around the country that are non-Tory that have historic statutes that might trigger a handful of virtue signalling snowflake liberal twats. I’d imagine he’s duty bound to challenge these or is it only Tory ones that he’s bothered with? And why is he so angered by Colston now – it’s not as if the thing has just been erected. Suggests to me that black lives don’t really matter to Spud but jumping on the bandwagon for cheap political gain is. Band-wagon jumping cunt.

  5. Not much of a wideboy, scrap dealer then. The geezer on the weighbridge at the scrappy would think you were havin’ a laff. Yeah, people always talk about statuary being bronze. Whether it is or not’s another matter. Much of the cast metal from the period the statue was made are actually brass. Copper alloyed with predominantly zinc instead of tin. Things one can be sure are bronze are things like lift cogs & bearings. Where the hardness & durability of bronze are needed.

  6. There’s an Asimov short story where a community raise a statue labelled “Our Greatest Traitor” as a permanant reminder of something in their history.

  7. Lizardking quoted Murphy:
    “I may have been stronger than Starmer on the failure of local Tories on the issue”

    Isn’t that splendid Pooterism? I, I the great keyboard basher of Ely, who can type pretty much what I like without consequences, I have said something more extreme than the moderately responsible Leader of the Opposition!

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “I may have been stronger than Starmer on the failure of local Tories on the issue”

    WTF’s he on about?

    Since 2016 Bristol’s had a Labour mayor and a council with a Labour working majority of 4. The Tories only have 14/70 seats, so how can it be their fault? If that statue has been such a hot topic the left could have easily had it removed as we can be sure the Greens and LibDems would have wanted to burnish their woke credentials.

  9. You look at what’s going on in the uk – a weak supine govt , and moronic yobs tearing down statues and imposing year zero politics on the past , muslim rape gangs running amok and you are no longer mystified as to how the Nazi party rose to power in Germany in the 1930s. I’d vote for a govt that promised to impose law and order and stamp out these cretins who want to usher in a marxist free for all.

  10. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    [I] think peaceful protest is usually more powerful than anything involving violence or damage – RM

    That’ll be why the peaceful lockdown protestors got f**k all but opprobium for killing grannies etc then a week or so later the ‘mostly’ peaceful BLM/Antifa protestors got Democrat politicians literally bowing before them and police officers running away then. The stark message the Govt response to these protests has been that the more violent and more damage created the better your chances of having your demands met are.

    For once, Spud-u-dont-like is wrong about something I know enough about that I can fully join in the bewilderment!

    Agria and Agria as the might say down here, if any Kiwis knew who he was….

  11. When I lived in Sheffield I would get increasingly deranged letters from Head Office insisting “we must team up with Labour to get rid of the Tories”. There *AREN’T* any Tories in Sheffield, and it’s *LABOUR* who we are trying to kick out.

  12. Yes, jgh. Minneapolis has been run by Democrats for decades. The alleged problems are with DEMOCRATS. Yet the Dems will run against Trump, claiming all problems are Trump’s fault.

  13. I think peaceful protest is usually more powerful than anything involving violence or damage,

    It’s a leftie thing that protest is powerful. It isn’t. It’s a complete waste of everyone’s time.

    Voting is the only thing politicians really understand. If you want a policy — say leaving the EU — then no amount of protesting will make the slightest difference. However set up UKIP, and the thing happens — without winning a seat in parliament, no less.

    Likewise the likes of Extinction Rebellion achieve nothing. But the Green Party forces the other parties to pander to green policies to prevent votes being lost that way.

    If BLM want to change the way things are run in the US, then they need to stand candidates. And explicitly stand them against Democrats.

  14. Marvellous by Chester. In politics, if you can articulate your agenda, you should threaten the territory of your allies not your enemies.

  15. On a moral question. Always thought it a little odd that we dress kiddies up as pirates and tell em thigh slapping stories of booty and plunder. If modern sensibilities do come into it, it’s to take care that Ann Bonny gets a mention high on the list. I don’t oppose it as such, just makes me scratch my head a bit and then carry on with the world. Captain Morgan ostensibly a privateer but you know he must have done dodgy deeds, governor of Jamaica to boot. Wonder if there are any statues of him, in cardiff, in Kingston? I mean who said that erecting a statue in Blighty means that this person is to be worshipped. We’re not North Korea, or Napoleonic France. For me coming across an unknown statue, it’ll usually be ooh look that person affected history. Even if you’re “awakened” far better to use the statue to educate people about deeds and misdeeds. Once that’s gone, you’re left with any unburned books you have left lying around.

  16. Over on TRUK re Colston: “And come that that (and I have been described by others as a public intellectual) that I am not also in the vangaurd of change despite all the activities that have delivered such change that I have been involved in?” Fuck me, there’s hubris and then there’s delusion. What a complete wanker.

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