Actual competence required

The commercial world is a little different from the slebs one. Actual competence is required. You know, the difference between the achievements of Jeff Bezos and the achievements of Winnie Mandela?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s trademark application for their non-profit company has been rejected because they did not sign the paperwork and failed to pay the fee, according to a report.

OK, that’s just careless, but there’s more:

The notice reads: “The wording ‘providing a website featuring content relating to philanthropy, monetary giving, volunteer and career opportunities’ in International Class 35 is also indefinite and over-broad, and must be clarified to specify the nature of the content provided.”

Yes, how lovely, but what in buggery is it that you’re going to do? Which is what we need top know if you’re to get trademark protection, the thing you’re applying for.

14 thoughts on “Actual competence required”

  1. They should have asked their pals the Clintons for advice as to how to ease themselves past their responsibilities.

    Billy n’Killy have got away with several life sentences in Club Fed’s worth of inaccurate/incomplete returns on their “charitable” Foundations activities. See Charles Ortel’s numerous accounts –esp re what would have happened to any ordinary Americans sending such waffle/garbage into Federal Tax Authorities.

  2. When you spend your entire life leaving the staff to work out the details for your lofty ideas, it pays to hire competent staff.

  3. Oh my word, how delightful if someone else were to register their trademark (and domains etc.) correctly. We can but hope….

  4. Amusingly enough, I’ve decided to setup a non-profit to preserve Roman arches and wells. I’m thinking of getting a trademark. I might be a bit quicker and more competent at registering it than Prince Harry Halfwit and his Gold-digging wife.

  5. Their break with the monarchy looks increasingly like a lucky break for the monarchy.

    The Queen, Prince Phillip and their palace toadies and lackeys might be a bit short on chins, but they’ve hold onto the throne when all around have been losing theirs through more than good luck and bad driving on the part of French white Fiat Uno motorists. Partly it’s guile, but mostly it’s been risk management.

    I’m pretty sure they tried to dissuade Prince Harry Halfwit from converting an American divorcée actress into the Gold-digging Duchess, but given the failure to make that happen, I’m sure that current situation of “fucking off to the other side of the globe” was subtly implanted making him think (or pretend) that it’s all Harry’s idea.

    By removing the lackey’s serving and insulating them, it’s also allowed the Markle creature’s true nature to shine forth, much to the disgust of a large portion of the populace.

    So yes, the crown does seem to have amputated a potential problem both coldly and cleanly. Her Mag plays it well, once again.

  6. I understood that Winnie Mandela was quite philanthropic, giving her body to others while her hubby was in nick, and promoted the giving away of necklaces, even to those she didn’t like. Expect to see a statue of her on the Embankment any time soon.

  7. Obviously, this is all due to racism and prejudice against Meghan’s because she’s African-American.

  8. Obviously, this is all due to racism and prejudice against Meghan’s because she’s African-American.

    Gold-digging whores are available in all colours, creeds and racial mixtures.

  9. I would have called their brand WinMark, a combo of their last names and to my mind just as sexy as Sussex.

    Re wording, can’t they just cut and paste from the Clintons?

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