Being in the care of the state


A survivors’ group has secured a total of more than £46m compensation for 1,340 people who suffered “horrific” abuse in children’s care homes that were infiltrated by paedophiles over several decades.

The highest individual payment to date has been £245,000, and with 620 applications still to be reviewed, and more survivors coming forward daily, campaigners believe the overall compensation bill could double.

The money has been paid to people who were in care over a period spanning from the 1930s to the early 1990s, living in homes predominantly run by Lambeth council in south London.

Well, yes:

Detailed testimony provided to SOSA by former residents has led Stevenson to believe up to 120 paedophiles were abusing children over a 60-year period.

“It was almost as if the baton was being passed on, that was the most scary thing. Paedophiles were spreading the word.”

That’s how it does work. As we’ve seen from the Benedictine schools. Ealing and Ampleforth were badly infected and it lasted for a long time at scale. Worth and Downside were not – or mildly and for a short time perhaps. As with any other infection except it’s once it’s seen it is possible in the one place then that attracts those who wish to do so.

Supports that old line that there’s nothing so likely to produce abuse and a subsequently shitty life as going into the care of the state. You know, most of those victims of the grooming gangs were “in care” too.

Still, look on the bright side, this was Lambeth, not Islington. So there’s nothing for Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge, to apologise for.

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  1. Children have been abused in state “care” homes. No doubt that some have.

    However this area is also a happy hunting ground for fantasists of the “Nick” variety. Egged on by “all men are rapists/child abusers” rhetoric of marxfem vermin. Numbers of people have been ruined by false accusations and retro-active claims that fly past madness. As in the Haute de la Garenne caper were a bit of coconut shell is labelled by Plod as a piece of a murdered child’s skull.

    When the supposed casualty lists reach hundreds doubts start to arrive as far as I am concerned. Kiddie fiddlers are a v small % of mankind. When the idea is introduced that vast networks exist the stench of Marxist feminist bullshit is always there.

    There should be a cool and objective “Board of Reason” created to do a constant check on ALL such trials even as they are in progress. To ensure that hysterical horse-shit is not tolerated as “evidence”. Remember that,for example , the CPS under Saunders attempted to have men they knew to be innocent jailed for rape. For political reasons. And Saunders was a protégé and chum of BlueLabour’s closet Marxist feminist Treason May. To a degree the system has been got at.

    In this type of politicised arena nothing can be taken at face value. The scummy left are always working their agenda. An area of high emotion is ideal for their agit-prop.

  2. @ Ecks

    Your logic doesn’t pass the smell test. Universities are infested with woke cultural marxists who have abused many generations of students by blighting their view of the world. Why can’t the same think happen in primary/secondary education?

    Once these people have got entrenched they continue to bring in other like minded people – leftist idiots in tertiary education and kiddie fiddlers in schools.

  3. @MrYan

    True, but the problem is almost certainly exaggerated by the prospect of zero-risk free money for making up some guff about something that happened years ago. The first cases will be genuine enough, but as soon as there are payouts involved there will be an enormous pile-on by every chancer going. Waiting for the ads to come on from the ambulance-chasers “Were you abused while at school? You could be eligible for compensation! Call free on etc.”

  4. Rhoda wonders what the proportion is of time and money devoted to covering up this sort of thing vs the time spent on investigation and preventive measures.

    Kids in a group? You can assume they are a target for people of a certain inclination and you need to bw vigilant and suspicious at all times, not only after accusations come out.

  5. Talking Marxist shite is peddled to the dumb as service to a sanctimonious GOOD cause.

    There are no kid-fids who regard themselves as the good guys–or have a packet of foul theology they can sqwark the way the adherents of Marxism have with their poison cannon. Well actually there are and that is Marxism also–but please read on.

    Most Uni Marxists are young snot who have some personal beef with middle class Mummy and Daddy that powers the rhetorical bullshit of Marx they adopt. Most grow out of it save for real trash like Corbyn and McNasty.

    It requires far greater depths of twisted psyche for paedos to force themselves onto a child than it does to be Uni marxtrash.

    Yes the left IS trying to encourage paedos. Even while condemning supposed wicked white man of the old care homes AS paedos. Remember marxism equals hatred of logic, objective truth and encourages the ability to believe 2 or more contradictory propositions at the same time. They can condemn wicked old white paedos in care homes while claiming that their brand of paedo is a misunderstood and abused minority.

    That is one of the reasons I’m always going on about Marxist subjectivist evil. Orwell had the bastards pegged right back in 1948.

    I do not believe that there is yet any real evidence of PIE style Marxist paedo networks in any numbers.

    It might be that old-style kiddie home white men did have vast paedo-networks have fiddled mass numbers of kids. But that has to proved so by hard real evidence every step of the way. Not be done by Marxist scum tricks–like Saunders and the CPS with the false rape cases or the false rousting of old white slebs–and sev hundred non-slebs– during Op Yewtree.

    It is a bizarre situation with the scum of the left both attacking and defending/promoting paedos. That is the nature of their evil.

    But we must hold fast to actual facts, truth and logic and must not allow emotion or outrage –which may be over lies–to be any sort of guide.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    They investigated the accusations against Jimmy Savile. Because compensation was in the air, they had over a 1000 of them to look at. They worked out that just over a 1000 of them could not be true. Not were likely to be not true, but they were physically impossible because JS was in another country at the time or so on.

    They had just one hundred that *might* have been true. Not were true. Might have been. But by then they spent all of Jimmy’s money so they gave up and went home.

    As a general rule I think it is reasonable to assume 90% of such claims are garbage. However they are more likely to be true of a State institution because, shall we say?, the costs of getting a job are lower than the Dominicans.

    Especially as the same rubbish stories are recycled like mass graves of infants sacrificed to the Devil.

    We are just been taken for mugs by the greedy and mentally ill – all aided by Marxists who hate Western society and want to discredit every and all institutions.

  7. “…with 620 applications still to be reviewed, and more survivors coming forward daily…”

    The abolition of conditional fee (no-win-no-fee) agreements would go a long way to sorting this out.

    And how about making lawyers jointly liable with their clients for the defence’s legal and other costs in any successful defence against the accusations raised.

  8. I saw Savile in the X-ray waiting room at Stoke Mandeville once. A man with a exaggerated idea of his own popularity. I’d believe anything of him. I’d lock him up for being him.

  9. @ Matt

    Surely, the ads would be:

    “Did you hang around outside an Asian takeout, drink their spiked drinks and get repeatedly raped? Call the police for help”

    Ah no, it wouldn’t happen like that because the Establishment don’t give a shit about white girls for fear of being accused of racism.

    For all the apologists who say that Plod has arrested and prosecuted 100s of them now. Yes, belatedly – too little and too late. Plus why have none of them being done for covering it up?

  10. @ Jonathon
    The Hodge “She went on to study at the London School of Economics, graduating with a third-class degree in Government in 1966.”
    What a wonderful qualification for a career in politics.

  11. Rhoda–He was an egotist–but he came from nothing and was a Bevin Boy during the war who promoted himself. That one was one of the reasons that the BBC of the 60s despised him–and tried to cheat him out of monies owed. Written proof exists as to that fact. Something of a contrast to the bullshit narrative that he walked in and out of the BBC at will commandeering the dressing rooms for under-age assignations and in general had more power than the DG.

    All the major “theatres” of accusation against him collapse when put under view.

    The first accuser described herself as a feminist who writes fictionalised accounts of sexual abuse. The first 100 accusations were gathered by police “trawling” but NOT investigated by police as Savile was dead and beyond prosecution. They released the collection of tall tales AS truth however and kicked off the hysteria.

    The Duncroft Capers/Top of the Pops proven False Accusations /the Hospital Reports esp the “Jimmy’s”Report/The BBC BS Report by Dame Whoever (can’t be arsed to look it up)/ The Broadmoor Nonsense–have all been debunked as far as possible given how many she said/he-didn’t-say-anything-cos-he’s-dead accounts there are.

    Wherever any evidence exists re accusations that evidence comes down on Saville’s side.

    The “meta-data”–time/number of supposed offences/the amount of power and influence Savile is supposed to have had–also illustrate the lies being pushed.

    There is a vast amount more. If I’m alive and functioning in 10 years–and the scum of socialism haven’t won–I might write a book. Too soon now as the emotion has not yet cooled.

  12. Slater & Gordon, of daytime TV advert fame, were major players in whipping up the Savile shitstorm – it has been suggested that their legal fees arrangement with the executors of the Savile estate was based on £xxxx per claimant, regardless of success or failure of the claim.

    Can anyone spot the potential problem?

    The Dame Janet Smith report for the BBC was commissioned (and paid for) by the BBC to investigate whether the BBC’s senior management should have known about any alleged activities by the late Sir Jimmy Savile – fortunately, the management were all exonerated, with the dead guy being thrown under a passing bus…..

  13. The Dear Dame’s (for there is nothing like one) method of “investigating” claims was to listen to said claims and decide which “sounded” credible. Had any wicked white objectivist patriarchal old-fashioned evidential proof of anything existed no attempt was made to gather any. Marx-fem logic–that would be disbelieving “victims”.

  14. So Much For Subtlety said:
    “the costs of getting a job are lower than the Dominicans”

    Benedictines, if you’re talking about Downside etc., not Dominicans.

    The Dominicans, being intellectuals, are somewhat more difficult to get into. And, being somewhat more ascetic, are a more difficult way of life. It takes all sorts, of course, but in general it’s not the sort of life likely to attract a self-indulgent practising paedophile.

  15. Apparently if you’re in the care of the state and you’re a dangerous mental case, you will be allowed to roam free for for hours a day, even after saying you want to kill someone. Giving you the perfect opportunity to throw a six year old child from a balcony.

    And then you only get 15yrs.

    Punishment should always for the crime.
    So he needs to be thrown off the same balcony. Head first as he did to that poor child.
    And sod keeping him in Broadmoor. Put him in general population prison. Tell them who he is.
    He did want to be famous – it would merely be granting his request.

  16. @Cherny_Drakon,

    In a case like the one you adduce, there can be no fairer solution than the one you propose. The punishment thereby fits the crime. The regular argument against the death penalty is not an argument against the penalty, per se, but an argument about faulty court and judicial procedures, in which there was some doubt about the guilt of the alleged perpetrator, but the penalty was applied. In the case of the Drummer Rigby murderers, there was no possible not guilty case, and there isn’t in the case of this lunatic.

    I believe that we woill only get a sane response to people like this when their legal team and/the people who argued the case for their liberty pay the same price as the perpetrator. If every person who took part in letting him on the streets suffered the death penalty too, there would be far more caution in future.

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