But race is trivial

That frequency is amplified by the media’s treatment of race as a spectacle rather than a serious subject, which has contributed so much to the climate of trivialising racism that triggered the Black Lives Matter protests in the first place.

That’s rather the aim, that race and racism becomes something trivial, of no more importance to life than the presence or not of freckles.

Isn’t it?

23 thoughts on “But race is trivial”

  1. Not if you are socialist scum trying to use race as a lever to overturn society it isn’t Tim.

    You know that–and the pointlessness of trying to reason with mental cases.

    In the end there is only one way with such scum.

  2. I guess our “Oops sorry, must do better” isn’t enough for Malik. Alas it’s as far as our enthusiasm extends.

  3. “That’s rather the aim…”

    I’m sure it isn’t. At least not for the race-baiters, and Malik, it certainly isn’t.

    And it’s they that are stirring up all the divisiveness at the moment.

    As is Malik with her article, evidenced by her clearly abject sorrow that people have stopped trashing the place in the name of melanin-enhanced skin.

  4. Its weird that in little more than my lifetime we’ve gone from Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech to an inverted version of apartheid.

  5. The pancake syrup one was comic relief after all the doom and gloom. Digressionally the name comes from book of Job, when god blesses him some more daughters to replace the ones he deaded for a bet with ol’ nick

    And he called the name of the first, Jemima; and the name of the second, Kezia; and the name of the third, Kerenhappuch.

    Kerrenhappuch never really caught on.

  6. As with the feminazi’s, it has never been about equality or fairness but everything about power and control.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    If we are going to probe and litigate the complex aftermath of these protests, it cannot be done in the same fashion and on the same platforms that contributed to their eruption.

    Black laws for black people?

  8. You forget that if race and racism becomes something trivial, a lot of people who aren’t equipped to do anything else will be out of cushy jobs…

  9. @JuliaM


    Let’s be honest a lot of people make a good living from simply not being white.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    The Meissen Bison June 22, 2020 at 8:16 am – “Black laws for black people?”

    WE more or less have this now. Whites are coming very close to being second class citizens de facto and in law in the UK. It is a more serious crime for a White person to kill a Black person than to kill another White person. A Black person killing a White one is ignored as much as possible in the UK – and almost altogether in the US.

    Courts have said some views are not worthy of respect. The sane ones by and large. That is making a clear divide between Us and Them. Where we are second class citizens because we think things like men aren’t women just because they want to play Tinkerbell.

  11. I suspect that race baiters are getting desperate. There are few if any race based problems left, so they get ever more hysterical.
    I suspect many of those protesting with BLM were just stir crazy from lockdown and desperate for an excuse to get out and let off steam.

  12. Let’s face it, 95-99% claims of racism in the UK are third rate grifters trying to get money because they are too dumb and useless to achieve anything.

    Such activities are useful in the private sector as they let you know who to fire/sideline and let go in times of economic stress.

  13. And I suspect BLM have produced more ‘racists’ in the UK, in the last few weeks, than 100 years of solid viewing of “Till Death Us Do Part” and “It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum” ever could.

    Fair warms the cockles of my heart.

  14. “But Race Is Trivial…..”

    Actually, I was informed by wide-eyed leftist loonies some years ago that race didn’t even exist. So ever since then I ignored any consideration of it at all….

  15. Oh, Tim, you unreconstructed bigot, you. To be colour-blind (if you’re white) *is* to be racist. Check your white fragility, man!

    But actually this really isn’t a laughing matter. I used to work with some of the academics now involved in the Rhodes Must Fall campaign, and thought at the time that we got on pretty well as colleagues. Now I discover that they are allying themselves with people who believe that I am utterly and irredeemably racist, simply because of the colour of my skin. It’s a very painful thought.

  16. ‘For a few weeks, black lives mattered.’

    Then people who said, “All lives matter” got cancelled, it became obvious that it was in fact “only black lives matter.” A supremacist notion.

    ‘The revolt is in danger of being reduced to a cultural debate by an establishment that remains hostile to black people’

    Stupid liar. The establishment panders to black people.

    The ‘revolt’ will die because people understand under achievers are demanding more. Blacks will always be slaves until they produce for themselves. Demanding whitey give them more is a culture of slavery.

  17. “… an establishment that remains hostile to black people’.”

    This is just a lie; it was only two weekends ago that we were treated to the sight of Englishmen being beaten to a bloody pulp by gangs of Africans and Asians while the police stood by and let them do it.
    The only people the Establishment are hostile to are the English.

  18. Bloke in North Dorset

    As @tompaine put it on Twitter:

    “A wicked organisation is not sanitised by a good slogan as its name. If KKK stood for “kuddle kute kittens” but its objectives were unchanged it would *still* be evil. So to coin a phrase “educate yourself” before supporting/giving to people mouthing a good slogan”

  19. Jonathan said:
    “it was only two weekends ago that we were treated to the sight of Englishmen being beaten to a bloody pulp by gangs of Africans and Asians while the police stood by and let them do it.”

    Jonathan, any decent links to that? It would be useful to show people.

  20. “A wicked organisation is not sanitised by a good slogan as its name.”

    Didn’t know Paine was still alive. Unfortunately, he is wrong.

    Antifa, the fascist organization, gets away with their violence because the media is too stupid and incurious to look at who they are.

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