Can apartheid be far behind?

All new BBC programmes will be required to meet a 20 per cent diversity quota, as part of a drive to address inequality in response to Black Lives Matter….

Quotas? Seriously?

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  1. Defunding the BBC is the next step. Please join the Campaign in any way you can. First de-crim non-payment of the licence thieving.

  2. Maritime Barbarian

    Apartheid was claimed to show the races as “separate but equal “.

    Our new regime will be completely different. “Equal but separate”.

  3. I await the arrival of a new black family on Eastenders ..(played by white actors ) . Looking at the Oxbridge admissions stats this morning it was striking how over represented BAME people were while State schools and places outside the South East were as absent as ever.
    I regard this broad BLM thing as harmful, the truth is the the Uk has changed out of all recognition since the 1980s and the residual prejudice is closely entwined with class judgements and very hard to address in a top down way.
    I fail to see any excuse for handing Boris Johnson and his dog whistling bigot baiters a get out of jail card

  4. Only 20%? News and current affairs will have to sack quite a few BAME staff to get down to that level. And if the idea ever transfers across to commercial TV, the adverts will need some serious re-shooting as well. 🙂

  5. Well, apartheid seems to be starting in CHAZ…

    Black only gardens.

    But don’t worry, this is good apartheid, for the good of the blacks.

  6. According to the talking heads on this morning’s broadcast media the term ‘White Lives Matter’ is viewed a racist, right-wing statement – an escalation of the ‘Check Your Privilege’ mantra. This next step in our cultural war is a natural development to the Brexit divide, the so-called populist vote for the Conservative Government … the protagonists are digging in deeper and even the most disinterested may be obliged to take sides. Economic effects stemming from Covid-19 have yet to impact, on top of Brexit … an inevitable USA/China conflict, Russian mischief, the continued movement of millions of people from Middle East conflicts, from African Conflicts, blah, blah, blah. I can’t see anyone kissing and making up in the foreseeable future. If we assume the top 20pct will take care of itself and continue to obsess about the bottom 20pct, the middle 60pct – at least the white bit – will be left to sink or swim.

  7. What the fuck does a 20% diversity quota even mean in practice? BAME aren’t 20% of the UK population. Or is the 20% meant to cover blacks, gays and trannies too? How could you have a drama set in Northumberland with 20% non-white characters? or a drama set in Tower Hamlets with only 20% non-white characters.

    The furore about the white lives matter banner shows what the establishment thinks. Apparently Burnley will hand out lifetime bans to the supporters who funded the banner, which can only mean that the club’s management believes that white lives do not matter.

  8. Facepaint–either way the bigots are going to win. And my side have the better quality bigots.

    Scum like you need to be re-located away from the well-off white wonderland you doubtless live in and into one of the UK’s many multi-culti paradises. And everything to be recorded on video.

    It would be a source of endless laughs. Although the danger would be falling into identity with even a faithless scummy traitor like you because you’re white. I despise the various white leftist cucks being beaten up on videos by what they thought were their black buddies/comrades. But watch them through and tribal blood starts to stir. Even though you know you are watching crawling cucks getting what they effectively asked for –they still look like my tribe and I don’t like seeing them abused by those NOT my tribe.

    I suspect that you getting a couple of well-deserved shots in the mug from a multi-culti would be worth a laugh–but more than that even scum like you…..

  9. One thing I’ve noticed from black families I know is how deeply religious many of them are. With views that follow from that. Disproportionate compared to the population as a whole.

    More likely Pentacostal-types, rather than smells and bells of high Anglicanism.

    I wonder how the BBC will portray them?

    If you relied on the BBC, you wouldn’t know Pentacostalism exists, yet it is huge and growing.

    I suspect they have no intention of showing this type of diversity in any positive light.

  10. The Meissen Bison

    Slightly OT but encouraging news comes from J K Rowling’s literary agents who have lost four of their writers: We are disappointed by the decision that four clients have taken to part ways with the agency. To reiterate, we believe in freedom of speech for all; these clients have decided to leave because we did not meet their demands to be re-educated to their point of view. We respect their right to pursue what they feel is the correct course of action.

    More of this, please.

  11. ‘in response to Black Lives Matter’

    One should not be responding to dysfunctional fascists who purport to represent the least productive group in society. They should be patted on the head.

    As I have been saying, Leftards think it’s Black Lives Matter, Too, when it is obviously Only Black Lives Matter. Saying _____ Lives Matter will get you cancelled.

    Meanwhile, in Leftist controlled cities, monuments are being destroyed as the police do nothing. A brilliant electoral strategy.

  12. MC

    What the fuck does a 20% diversity quota even mean in practice?

    “[The BBC] pledged to ensure 50% of on-air roles will go to women by 2020, with targets of 15% for black, Asian and minority ethnic groups [BAME], 8% for disabled people and 8% for LGBT staff.”

  13. Gamecock–Trump needs to do something about election fraud and put a lead on Big Tech scum or he is in danger of being ousted by fraud.

  14. Good.

    The effect of this sort of thing is typically a disaster, so will harm the BBC.

    If you have a quota, it doesn’t lead to people finding the next Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock. It leads to them adding the mediocre black comedian that they know who played Edinburgh last year. I’m convinced this is why Lenny Henry has had work, despite not being funny for decades. Radio 4 looks a bit white? Bat off accusations of racism by putting Lenny Henry on.

  15. “Black lives matter” = monumental black inferiority complex.

    This is all it is, and everything associated should be seen against this background.

    Injustices, cruelty in the past? Of course. All done by whites to blacks? Of course not.

    Tens of millions slaves as I type. YES. how many of these actual slaves, FOR WHOM SOMETHING COULD ACTUALLY BE DONE (some of them at least), does black inferiority complex care about or even mention? Zero as far as I can see.

    I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do to assuage this inferiority complex. It’s your problem, why should it be mine? There are plenty of white cucks willing to “bend the knee” and debase themselves. As far as I can see, it just makes the inferiority complex even bigger! Why spunk away tens of millions committing who knows what sort of cultural and historical atrocities just to make it inflate even more?

    The correct response of course (couch it in whatever language you like, but this is mine).

    So your ancestors might have been dealt a poor hand. Tough, get over it. If you are black in Britain today, it wasn’t done to you and it certainly wasn’t done by me. If you encounter racism or whatever else, well we have this thing called law. Try it, you might like it!

    Me Ecks is right. Our side does have the better quality bigots. Do you really want us to give these people political power? If you are offering us the choice of being helots to primitive, looting gangs or brown shirts patrolling the streets, don’t be surprised if white people start considering the latter.

    There is a third way of course which would be best all round. Does black inferiority complex even know about it? They’d be well advised to discover it soon.

  16. @ Jonathan
    That article – like (?almost) every article I have read on the subject talks as if the Ronan Province of Africa had black inhabitants – tommyrot! Based around Carthage, not quite equivalent to modern Tunisia, it would be a mixture of Berbers and Phoenicians. It very disingenuously talks about African for north African, while highlighting any trace of sub-Saharan hoping we won’t notice the omission of the word “north” or “Mediterranean” and makes a claim that someone with DNA suggesting she had *some* sub-Saharan ancestry is evidence that there were lots of blacks in Britain – but the latter is debunked by the report of the Septimus Severus incident – black was so unusual to the “African” Emperor that he thought the Ethiopian was a portent of death. No way can they claim that proves anything except how extremely unusual a black man was in the Roman Empire, let alone its most northerly province.

  17. The BBC spoof parody W1A had an episode on diversity quotas, can’t seem to find it online, but recall the head of news complaining about having to sack a load of ethnic minorities to make it work. They did play on what does a quota mean is it a strict % for each show or overall and how in practice would it work, showing some of the absurdity of trying to create such rules.
    Now it seems a few years later to be reality.

  18. I sneeze in threes

    Do you round mixed race people up or down (in the mathematical sense not with a net or anything)?

  19. Thomas Sowell pointed out years ago that affirmative action results in unsuitable people getting jobs. Many of whom FAIL. Perfectly capable people – at something else – wind up as failures due to quotas.

    He saw it with students at Harvard. Good students blown out. Had they gone to U of Wisconsin, they would have been successful. They just couldn’t perform at the top level.

  20. Mark says, “BLM = monumental black inferiority complex”

    Statistics show blacks are under achievers. If there is an inferiority complex, it is well earned. BLM thinks the solution is for whites to give them more. This prescription has failed for 50 years. Blacks must PRODUCE FOR THEMSELVES. Giving them stuff hurts them, delaying their development of their own means.

    BLM is anti-black.

  21. @ Mr Yan
    She doesn’t know that Berbers are roughly the same colour as Italians and Greeks? Or she does know and is simply lying?
    This is the sort of nonsense that demands that a black guy plays Othello despite Shakespeare has him, when listing his outlandish adventures, include meeting some people who are black! Blacks were as foreign to Othello as they wre to the Venetians.

  22. @Gamecock

    That’s right and its why they can never say: OK, we’re done now, bygones are bygones.

    If I were to write a letter to the marketing director of Fords saying something like “I’ve been driving for 40 years and I’ve had 20 Fords, every single one of which has ended up wrapped round a tree”, if he were to answer, it would likely be along the lines “do you think it might be you?”

    Sorry, everywhere there are blacks in numbers, it just doesn’t seem to work. There has to be a reason(s) for this and there is one that simply cannnot be aired which has nothing to do with whitey (or anybody else).

  23. HR is going to need to hire statisticians to figure this all out which should be an interesting culture clash

  24. “has nothing to do with whitey”

    Ahhh . . . but it does. Whitey Democrat has been indoctrinating blacks with personality/character disorder for decades. Whitey Dem tells them all their problems are someone else’s fault. If whitey would just give them a little more, they’d be fine.

    The blacks’ culture, as far as OBLM goes, is a SLAVE MENTALITY. “Massa just isn’t givin’ me enough.” The cure is for them to make their own way, and quit waiting for whitey to do “the right thing.”

    This applies to the femanazis as well. They keep waiting for, and demanding, men do the right thing. Asserting their dependence ON MEN.

  25. Brilliant by <b?Gamecock
    Dr Tom Sowell is neoliberal porn. His questions “Compared to what?” “At what cost?” and “What is your evidence” dismantles almost any statist.

  26. If 20% of the BBC is going to be diverse, that means 80% isn’t going to be diverse. So, running that through the maths, 14% of that 20% are going to be non-white, 50% of that 20% are going to be men, 2% of that 20% are going to be self-lovers, 5% of that 20% are going to be Northerners; and 90% of the other 80% are going to be home counties middle-class white men.

    So, about 3% non-whites, about 15% women, about 12% self-lovers, about 1% Northerners.

    Or are we to beleive that the inheritors of Reith are barely literate and completely innumerate. How were they allowed out of primary school?

  27. This is shocking overt media bias supporting riots, looting and arson

    Lisa Wilkinson’s The Project* “offered praise and encouragement” to a guest who tried to justify the recent spate of crime in the US as opposed to disagreeing with her excuses for violence, vandalism, and robbery
    * Network 10 > ViacomCBS Inc. is an American diversified multinational mass media conglomerate

    A cultural revolution’ is sweeping through the West

    Most media & politicians have been siding with rioters. We’re seeing a great cultural revolution sweeping the West: Leftist activists, race activists, RoPs, Marxists (and) Antifa have come together

  28. “We’re seeing a great cultural revolution sweeping the West”

    Not where I stand. Parts of big Democrat cities is about it. And MOST people in them just shake their heads over it.

    What we have is cultural retards raising their heads above the parapets. They think it safe. Maybe it is.

    This “revolution” has no depth of support. And it is doing things that alienate most potential supporters. Lefty politicians tell their police not to interfere. Which, over time, makes them look bad, not good. The people employ them for protection; their not providing protection because of personal political preferences is not viable long term.

    Gotta thank the people who tore down the statue of Francis Scott Key. Replacing the Floyd video.

  29. ‘All new BBC programmes will be required to meet a 20 per cent diversity quota’

    Note BBC’s decadence. They feel no responsibility to provide quality broadcasting. They can put their energy into getting the on screen color palette just so.

    They are begging to be closed down.

  30. @ Gamecock
    Not just the US big cities, sadly: UK big cities as well. Black guy who was attending a party as a “peacemaker” (and the back-up data supports that claim) was one of two guys shot dead at the illegal party in Manchester that the police (were told to?) leave alone as they feared “public disorder” if they broke it up. So police cowardice left at least one nice guy dead.

  31. Same in Seattle, John. Mayor said, “Let them play.” Then people got shot. It boggles the mind that she didn’t know it would happen. She announced she was going to break up CHAZ/CHOP. This I gotta see!

  32. @Gamecock

    The people employ them for protection; their not providing protection because of personal political preferences is not viable long term

    If only that were true in UK. Police in UK haven’t protected public or prevented/solved crime for over two decades

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