Didn’t know this and makes me think better of him

Never looked into it because wasn’t interested but about Christo:

His work was funded mainly by selling preparatory drawings – he always refused any sponsorship.

“Sponsorship” in the art world all too often meaning taxpayers’ money…..

3 thoughts on “Didn’t know this and makes me think better of him”

  1. Yep, in the NYT obituary it specifically says that he never accepted grants or public money.

    It also quotes John Russell of the Times, who wrote that Christo’s work was very popular with the public, however: “Whether it was ‘art,’ they neither knew nor cared.”

    I think I’m with the public on this.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I hope he had enough education that he heard of Dido. So that he can ask to be skinned, his skin cut into small thin strips and then used to wrap the Statue of Liberty.

    Well OK maybe that is a bit macabre. But it would make a great end piece to his career.

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