Don’t do that, no, really, don’t

British courts are preparing to fast-track prosecutions for the Black Lives Matter protests, as justice secretary Robert Buckland has told magistrates to model the process along the lines of the response to rioting in London in 2011, The Times reported.

The plans made by Buckland and Home Secretary Priti Patel will lead to offenders being jailed within 24 hours of arrest to defuse disorder if they are found causing vandalism, criminal damage or assault on police officers, the report said.

The British government will publish a consultation on plans to double maximum sentences for assaulting emergency workers to two years, according to the newspaper.

Don’t change the sentences as a result of the riots, or BLM, or political protests. That’s to agree that this time is different, that these peeps are different.

Bang ’em up and lock ’em away on exactly the same basis as you would any other rioter, thug or assaulter.

6 thoughts on “Don’t do that, no, really, don’t”

  1. Treason May was behind shite about extra time for assaulting Plod. They can stuff it.

    Since I hate both Plod and Marxist scum the best thing would be s series of pitched battles in which as many as possible of both suffer.

    Short of that we would be far better to settle BLM/AUNTIFARTS ourselves. Youths mobilising to protect our heritage and beating the shite out of MCM scum without Plod interference. As would have happened this time but for the costumed thugs threatening the good guys.

    That way neither side out of two lots of scum will benefit. Extra-punishment for assaulting Plod will mean –not the end of commie scum who already infest the “institutions” supposed to put down middle-class marxtrash–but more swaggering arrogance from high-street Bluebottle shite as they throw their arrogant weight about with ordinary people–see Crimebodge Youtube.

  2. We already have this, it’s called “remand”. Might be interesting to change the level of offence for which remand applies (right now it’s only for “serious” crimes), but that’s the sort of thing that should be debated in parliament.

  3. The British government will publish a consultation on plans to double maximum sentences for assaulting emergency workers to two years

    That’ll learn ’em.

    The criminal justice system is a joke and pathetically lenient sentencing is the punchline. As repeatedly noted by JuliaM, judges refuse to jail people despite repeated offending. God knows what percentage of the budget is wasted on shuffling hopeless recidivists around. Let’s invest in new prisons.

    My modest proposal is that we kill two birds with one stone and allocate a few billion of the aid budget towards building British prisons in developing nations. We can train the officers and provide these nations with useful foreign currency to cover the running costs and giving us somewhere to dump recidivists and jihadis.

  4. MC, outsource prison services to Russia, even help to fund and build them, allocate £X per convict. Based on personal family experience*, I think very few would ever return from a Siberian work camp/salt mines/prison.

    * maternal grandmother’s uncle, a communist, thought he’d find a working man’s utopia there, a paradise on earth. Boy, was he mistaken. He actually changed his mind and didn’t go for this “but that was not real socialism” bollocks.

  5. Fast track prosecutions sounds like our completely impartial judiciary getting ready for Tommeh Robinson and the football lads should they show their faces tomorrow.

    Plod will be ready and waiting for them in surprisingly large numbers.

  6. Funny how the media is suddenly blaming all the violence on far right counter protests. Still they are still calling Trump a neo-Nazi and blaming him for deaths over commenting that not all people who didn’t want historical statues torn down were far right so can’t see them changing their time now

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