The Australian Press Council ruled that the language in Bolt’s August 2019 article breached standards because it attempted to “diminish the credibility of Ms Thunberg’s opinions on the basis of her disabilities and by pillorying her supporters on the basis of her disabilities”.

No, not the specific here, just feel the general there.

We are not to use disability as a manner of diminishing the credibility of opinions. Say, Caroline Lucas’ entire inability to understand economics is not to be used in determining the validity of her opinions upon economics? Retardation to the point of not being able to count means that views on mathematics are just as valid? The claim of being able to see carbon dioxide does not lead to a certain discounting of views upon climate change – or, actually, anything at all?

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  1. Bloke in Germany

    It’s the not very subtle distinction between “She’s autistic so her views don’t count” and “Claims A, B, and C are ludicrous therefore we should discount them”. She is (rightly) fair game for the latter but (rightly) not fair game for the former.

    Or, for the philosophers: Ad-hominem is a rhetorical fallacy, you moron.

  2. The autistic bit should be distinguished as a well-deserved insult rather than an ad hom.

    Insult is entirely legit when scum–which the girl is, a very willing Marxist ecofreak stooge of evil–try to ruin and destroy your life either by direct assault or by agit-prop.

  3. Given that her mother claims that her disabilities are a gift that enable her to “think outside of the box”, it is reasonable to point out that they are, in fact, the opposite. People with Asperger’s see the world in black and white. To Greta, climate change is a threat and, therefore, everything should be done to stop it. She is incapable of seeing that the cure will cause far more harm than the modest threat posed by climate change, especially that small part of it caused by humans.

  4. Trying to parse this as if it is a rational decision made in good faith is missing the point.

    Bolt isn’t being attacked for mocking the mongoloid, he’s being censured for mocking the Narrative. If he wrote articles about how climate change means white Australians all need to get mandatory sex changes and give all their property away to disabled gay aboriginal autists of colour, that would be absolutely halal with the APC.

  5. Ecks – I think the term scum should be reserved for her parents and handlers who are ruining the lass’s life by relentlessly fuelling her total terror.

    I see her as a victim of a nasty clique of psychpaths.

    And I utterly despise all the politicans, churchmen and assorted members of the great and good who have sucked up to her in heavily publicised meetings.

    Scum as well.

  6. Bloke in Germany

    Thunberg’s health problems are a bald-faced leftist trap that Bolt (among many others) has walked right into.

    You can’t beat the leftists by engaging in their silly game of playground taunting and cognitive dissonance non-sequitur, they will just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. You beat them by persuading those who still have a few independent brain cells that you have an argument at least worth listening to.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Steve June 4, 2020 at 9:21 am – “Trying to parse this as if it is a rational decision made in good faith is missing the point. Bolt isn’t being attacked for mocking the mongoloid, he’s being censured for mocking the Narrative.”

    One of the Australians around here can probably help my memory a little – but I think Bolt has been dragged up before the Courts before. For saying that blonde people with blue eyes aren’t very indigenous or something.

    As Steve says, it is about Narrative Control. The Ruling Class fears it is losing the voters, so they are trying to ban any sort of conversation they do not like. I don’t read Bolt but I guess he must be good at annoying the right people.

    You can see it in the UK too. Last year the police charged about as many “Right Wing Extremists” as Islamic Extremists. You may have noticed all the Taylor Swift concerts being suicide bombed by the Far Right. Narrative control is so very important.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Germany June 4, 2020 at 9:41 am – “You beat them by persuading those who still have a few independent brain cells that you have an argument at least worth listening to.”

    No you won’t because you will go to jail if you do. “Inciting hatred” is a broadly defined term that means anything the ruling class does not like. It is also coming to Scotland and presumably England soon after as the standard.

    Bolt just shows what happens if you have good arguments – they sue the living crap out of you.

  9. BiG – strongly disagree. The reason the Left howls at mockery (while relentlessly mocking) is because it works. Most people are moved by rhetoric, not dialectic. The so-called Right has been donning the bowtie and pretending the world is like the Oxford Union for decades, with little but failure to show for it.

    It’s objectively funny that the Left wants us to destroy industrial civilisation on the say-so of an animatronic potato. It was objectively funny that they wanted Communist Steptoe to be our Prime Minister. De Pisstake, encore de Pisstake, et toujours de Pisstake!

  10. Jack–Sorry but the instant I set eyes on the bug-eyed little cows ugly mug and listen to her screeching–scum is the word. Call the parents double-scum if you like but evil seed only grows in nutrient soil.

  11. Australian occasionally around here

    Yes, So Much For Subtlety, as one of the Australians occasionally around here, Bolt was had for our odious Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 for saying largely what you said. The sick capper on this was that the judge in the case said he did not like the tone of Bolt’s writing. FMD, Australia is almost as bad as the UK on freedom of speech when we have judges telling journalists how they should write.

  12. In late 2018, we had a cyclone (Owen) that made landfall, died, drifted back offshore and reformed. As a result, it was termed a zombie cyclone. MrsBud had a young client who needed reassurance that his Asperger’s literal, scary interpretation of the term was inaccurate. This is the big thing with people with Asperger’s, you have to be very careful of your choice of language, using idioms inevitably leads to confusion.

    Those who manipulate Greta know that she will accept what those she trusts tell her as the black and white truth. She will believe that The Science is saying that there is climate emergency and that she has no future unless we eliminate the use of fossil fuels entirely. She is incapable of understanding the impact that this will have on global poverty. To her, there is a clear problem with a clear solution.

    Accordingly, it is necessary that people understand the nature and impact of her unfortunate mental conditions on the baseless certainty of her arguments.

  13. As Steve said, Dialectic doesn’t do squat.

    Mocking these people mercilessly is what is required, which is why of course, the likes of Twitter, Facebook etc. do their level best to shadow ban all those who don’t follow the narrative.

    It can be argued that Trump winning the Presidency was in part due to the potent memes spread by the likes of 4chan. Who here calls lefties NPCs ? They hate it. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression and the platforms able to disseminate them are essential in the fight against these fascists.

  14. As I have found, lefty group-thinking soi-disant intellectuals and thinkers really hate to be called the “leftwaffe”

  15. What DocBud said @ 11.13am +1

    My brother-in-law is an aspy. He’s highly intelligent, but he always over-estimates risks and hazards. So when having political or other discussions with him, I frequently point out this aspy cognitive bias to him. This is NOT ad hominem argument, and making the same point about St Greta is not ad hominem either because it is relevant to her expressed judgements.

  16. Driving home from golf today I passed a parade of sorts. People walking along a sidewalk out of town, carrying signs, “Hurray for our side.” Police present in numbers. For their protection, mainly from traffic, it appeared.

    Maybe 500 people. Most all teenagers. I thought, “Embrace communism while you are still young. Someday, you’ll have to pay for it.”

    A parade of decadence. Unlikely any of the participants have any real problems. Something to do on an early summer day, and the joy of feeling like you are “doing something.”

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    And speaking of narrative control, let’s compare how the Left deals with teenagers who say things they do not like:

    You will probably be aware of Naomi Seibt, the 19 year old from Germany who has been making a name as the anti-Greta lately. Her common sense messages about global warming have not gone down well with the climate establishment, who prefer the hysterical outpourings of Greta.

    But the campaign against her took a disturbing turn last month. Lord Monckton takes up the story:

    To all the kind and generous readers who have donated to the appeal for Naomi Seibt, I should like to say how very grateful she for your support. Thanks to your contributions to her Patreon account, she now has $1600 a month in income, and skeptics everywhere are spreading the word. Stefan Molyneux, who has interviewed Naomi in the past, has just retweeted it. Latest news is that Naomi has been threatened with imprisonment.

    Naomi, who will be writing a personal thank-you as soon as she has time, will be devoting your donations to continuing her gallant fight not only for freedom of speech about the climate question but also for freedom from jail.

    It is not just about the money, life-saving though it is. She felt very much alone when she realized that the power, the might and the wealth of the State were – for purely political reasons – being aimed directly at her. The warmth of your support has been a very great comfort to her at this difficult time.

    She was not happy to receive a letter from the State Media Authority in North Rhine Westphalia, where she lives, telling her that three of her YouTube videos on the climate question were against the law because she had expressed views that were not, in the Authority’s opinion, “climate-friendly”, and because she had mentioned the Heartland Institute in those videos.

    Such non-“climate-friendly” mentions of Heartland, the letter said, constituted unlawful product placement.

  18. @Steve

    Bolt is good, wish we had similar on UK TV

    Bolt: not article, but one month later
    Thunberg is ‘not the messiah, she is an extremely anxious girl’

    Chris Kenny August 2019

    As for Greta: she has nothing to say without a handler’s script in front of her:
    Greta Thunberg without a script is stumped when asked what her message is

    Greta is a child being abused and used as a sock puppet

  19. @BiG
    Stop believing Peirs Morgan
    You are becoming increasingly deranged. Oh dear, how sad, never mind

    Wow: Piers Morgan doesn’t like a Lockdown Law – does this mean he’s affected?
    Other laughable rules – BBQ: you must take own chair, can’t use loo
    – Tobias Ellwood, MP (Con) [eventually] Says Lockdown Sex Ban Is ‘Ridiculous’

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