How couldn’t it be true?

Unless, of course, breaking us for the next stage – the end of democracy stage – requires that reduction to our knees stage first of all, that is.

I can’t rule that out. But maybe, just maybe, that is the plan, after all and it’s me that’s being conned into thinking something else. In which case I’ll put on record my awareness of this now just in case it’s true, which is at least plausible.

After all, the only possible reason the elected government doesn’t implement the plans of the unelected Sage of Ely must be because those elected intend to destroy democracy.


3 thoughts on “How couldn’t it be true?”

  1. Even a stopped clock Tim–and it is hard to see what else could be going on save a deliberate plan. Or failure, hysteria and stupidity on an unimaginable scale. Blojob is thick–but surely nobody could be that thick?

  2. Actually I have a little quibble. Substitute “liberty” for “democracy”.
    We’ll still have democracy when we are all in nappies and leading strings. Just a choice between Bozo and Suckear.

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