Interesting numbers

The British public’s trust in the media has fallen off a cliff in the last five years, particularly among leftwing voters, research suggests.

Just 15% of left-leaning voters now say they trust most news most of the time, down from 46% as recently as 2015, Oxford University’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism found.


Katharine Sophie Viner (born January 1971)[2][3] is a British journalist and playwright. She became the first female editor-in-chief at The Guardian on 1 June 2015 succeeding Alan Rusbridger.

Well done Katy, vry wll done that man.

5 thoughts on “Interesting numbers”

  1. Really? From my experience, Lefties suck up anything written in the Guardian or reported on the TV as incontrovertible fact, regardless of evidence. How many Lefties are sceptical of man-made global warming, renewable energy,trans rights etc etc?

  2. The Left control the MSM–down to little local papers –but don’t believe their own bullshit?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    So …. the Guardian made a transition from a male editor to a female editor and now it is crap. Well, crappier. Is that a word?


  4. @Diogenes

    Maybe it’s because the Left has been brought up with the “Never trust the Media, for they are Controlled by the Enemy” mantra..
    Now that the Left controls most of the Media, they run into their own little self-made trap…

    The fact that most of the media trumpets the far left ideals and opinions doesn’t help, of course..
    Most “lefties” I know are moderate, aware of a coin having two sides, and of the opinion that if you spin that coin at the proper rate, you can have a shot at having the best of both worlds..

    The Guardian is making inroads with Journalists over here and gets increasingly quoted as a “reliable source” . It’s real fun to see how the comments sections on those articles explode, usually along the lines of “since when do dutch journalists quote Pravda as a reliable, unbiased source?” …. 😉

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