Isn’t this disgusting cultural appropriation?

Adjonyoh agrees: “The secret is in how much love and attention you give the sauce.” That’s what flavours the dish, after all. She blends tomatoes, onion, scotch bonnet, tomato puree, dried chilli and salt, and makes a spice mix of ground ginger and coriander, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked crayfish powder, smoked prawn powder, dawadawa (fermented locust bean), nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, salt and, sometimes, brown sugar.

It’s a long list, yes, but, as Adjonyoh explains, “in Ghana, jollof is more aromatic”. Add a tablespoon of the spice mix to caramelised onions, along with chilli powder, madras hot curry powder, fresh ginger and garlic, then the tomatoes and good chicken stock, and cook until it “doesn’t taste of tomato any more, but just the spices”.

Chili being from the Americas, Madras has an obvious source, tomatoes are from the Americas again, chicken from SE Asia.

Cultural appropriation. But apparently it’s a bad thing……

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  1. Israeli salad in its simplest form: quite finely chopped cucumber, tomato and parsley. If you have this combination in your salad you are a zionist pali-hater and supporter of settlements. So to be on the safe side, leave out the parsley. Add some dill and chives instead.

  2. Anybody using the term Cultural Appropriation is undoubtedly a twat of the first order. They seem to be saying that one culture cannot legitimately find positive and adopt anything about another culture. You can’t try diverse foods. You can’t wear anything other than traditional folk clothing. You can’t speak any language other than that of your ancestors. You can’t adopt foreign technology. You can’t listen to music of ‘others’. It is a total fucking rejection of all positive interactions between cultures.

    Hear anyone use this poisonous expression – just put them in the box of your mind where cunts reside and tell them to fuck off.

  3. Clearly all non-Europeans should stop their cultural appropriation and go back to a pre-industrial culture. Perhaps they shouldn’t also appropriate the technology needed to deal with the UN claim that the world faces its worst food crisis for at least 50 years. Though all that’s really needed is abolish the lockdown immediately.

  4. It is a total fucking rejection of all positive interactions between cultures.

    Made even more fun by mass immigration. The lefty dream appears to be people from every culture around the world living in very close proximity but absolutely no cultural mixing at all.

  5. In the comments on this article.

    Frankly I think that’s utter balls, he’s not saying his recipes are ‘definitive’, he’s saying these are tasty and different flavours, give them a go and if British white male cooks aren’t allowed to cook from different cultures then surely the converse holds true too, no Indian or African cooks are allowed to cook European food, looked at in that light, it kinda shows the absurdity, no?
    And if you want to take ‘cultural appropriation’ to its most ridiculous extremes then all those chillis and tomatoes in the recipe are going to have to go back to South America



    It is only absurd if you seem to have a short memory of all the other things stolen from India and Africa by white men…

  6. wat dabney said:
    “This paper argues that through cultural appropriation, the British constructed the term “curry,” which led to the creation of their own perception of Indian cuisine.”

    Good grief, the ignorance of that writer!
    “the Victorian cookbook … The Forme of Cury”

    “the Forme of Cury” is medieval, not Victorian – 14th century – written by Richard II’s cook. A crucial hole in his argument is that it was 200 years before the English got to India, and way before we had anything to do with their cooking. At that point the only connection was spices coming along the Silk Road.

  7. Jussi, it really isn’t a proper supremacist salad until it has that defining feature of Israeli cuisine – a large lake of tahini poured over it.

  8. So, do the Chinese need to give up noodles because Marco Polo brought them spaghetti, or is the Italians that need to gvie up spaghetti because Marco Polo brought them noodles? Certainly, the Italians need to give up using tomatos in their sauces. Unravelling this cultural approbation mess is going to take some effort. I mean, Irish and potatoes, etc. Presumably, the UN could appoint a blue ribbon commission to study how to implement it.

  9. Pelosi takes a knee, and can’t get up. Wearing some African rag. Twitterverse explodes over the appropriation.

    Funniest thing this year.;_ylt=AwrEzNxoTuFexzsAuWSJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIyb21ianBnBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANiMjI1ZDdkNzk2M2VjNTE0ZjdmNzBjYjdlYWM2OGM4ZARncG9zAzIEaXQDYmluZw–?…&p=Pelosi+and+Schumer+kneel+for+8+minutes+and+46&oid=b225d7d7963ec514f7f70cb7eac68c8d&fr2=piv-web&fr=opensearch&tt=Pelosi%2C+Schumer%2C+and+Other+Dems+Kneel+for+%E2%80%9CGeorge+Floyd+…&b=0&ni=21&no=2&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=lF6V5f9MJ41x&sigb=ZHKLF4OLRban&sigi=wTAYxfLrQD5C&sigt=RJe2LvsVti5Z&sign=RJe2LvsVti5Z&.crumb=WOd.t.lGASu&fr=opensearch&fr2=piv-web

    As I have said (stolen from Delingpole) Antifa/MLB doesn’t want your contrition; they want your destruction. Pelosi genuflecting tells A/MLB that they are having an effect, encouraging them to continue rioting.

    Cirrusly, Nancy couldn’t get up. Other people had to help her up. Reminds me of the Hildabeast being tossed in a van.

  10. “This paper argues that through cultural appropriation, the British constructed the term “curry,” which led to the creation of their own perception of Indian cuisine. ”

    He’s not wrong though. I’ve eaten food cooked by Indians* from various parts of the sub-continent & none of it was anything like that inedible shite microwaved-up by Bangladeshis in “Indian” restaurants. (Bangladeshi food’s quite good. There used to be some Bangladeshi restaurants round Euston way. Populated almost entirely by Bangladeshis, so presumably the real thing). I’m happy to say, last time I checked, Lille – a city of a million people & countless restaurants – had just 5 “Indians”. Patronised entirely by ex-pat Brits I presume. It’s almost impossible to get the French to eat the muck.

    *My very first was in the backroom of an Indian greengrocers off Ladbroke Grove. Sort of undercover caff. No menu. Woman who ran it would give you a plate of whatever she’d knocked up that day for 1/6 if I remember rightly. Those days, “Ïndians” were a novel rarity. People wanting to poison themselves – outside of Gerrard St – went to a Chinky. (Another cuisine British tastes have rendered unrecognisable)

  11. Oh, and I have eaten jollof (if that’s how you spell it) Can be searing. Wants to be to cover the taste of what it’s served on. In Sierra Leone’s cuisine, that’d be a meat that could be beef (but might not be- don’t ask) boiled to death with what Jamaicans call stockfish – salted cod with the bones left in- and okra. Like trying to eat slimy barbed wire.

  12. Here at the southern tip of Africa, our BLM people have always loved prestige German automobiles and single malt.

  13. I remember a holiday in RSA in 1989, when I was told Soweto had the largest BMW dealership in Africa. And most of the other vehicles on the road were varieties of VW – sanctions, what sanctions?

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