Isn’t this just a dreadful pity?

Angela Merkel: UK must live with consequences of weaker ties to EU

It’s almost like we’ve left or summat…..

8 thoughts on “Isn’t this just a dreadful pity?”

  1. EU fans always think this way, that we are rejecting the obvious advantages of membership. But when asked to explain what those advantages are, and how we can’t do the same for ourselves, they are ..well, not silent..but gobby and abusive.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Britain managed to survive with weaker ties to Philip of Spain. And to Napoleon. And to Hitler.

    I think Britain can cope with weaker ties to Merkel, Barnier et al

    The question is that given they have not been able to survive without stronger ties to us – at least not without camps, torture, death squads and the like – will they do well in the future? There is a mist and it looks like the Continent is cut off.

  3. Angela Merkel: UK must live with consequences of weaker chains shackling UK to EU


    Will this stop when we’re out?
    Wednesday, dozens more illegal migrants reached British shores after crossing the English Channel from France. The migrants will be added to the ever-increasing toll, which has already surpassed the total number recorded last year in just six months.
    “The crossings on Wednesday, which comprised of Iranian, Sudanese, and Kuwaiti men, bring the total number of illegal boat migrants to 2,226, compared to last year which saw 1,890 migrants cross the channel.

    Mr Farage released footage of the migrants being escorted onto British soil by immigration officials, before being boarded onto waiting coaches”

    Waiting coaches – numbers all pre-planned and agreed then

    Seems not
    UK Govt Wants Faster Deportations of Criminal Migrants, but Won’t Withdraw from Euro Human Rights Law

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