Isn’t this lovely

Conservationists have branded a decision by the Ugandan high court to allow swathes of forest to be cleared for a sugarcane plantation “an unforgivable shame for all people”.

So, there’s a protected area and there’s ancestral land. The ancestral land is what is being developed, not the protected.

But Costantino Tessarin, chairperson of Association for the Conservation of Bugoma Forest, said: “Whether the land falls inside the boundaries of the gazetted reserve or not … is a merely sterile exercise for primary school students.

Who gives a buggery about the law, build nothing near anyone ever.

8 thoughts on “Isn’t this lovely”

  1. Is Mr Tessarin Ugandan? Or is he just a neo-colonial trying to tell the natives how to live their lives?

  2. @ Bloke in Wales
    He is an officer of “Uganda Jungle Lodges” and owner of Bugoma Jungle Lodge.
    i.e. hr is a filthy capitalist making money from exploiting tourism in the forest and paying low wages to the locals who are forecast – even by The Grauniad – to have a higher standard of living thanks to the sugarcane.

  3. What people living today are worse off because their ancestors were trafficked in the Atlantic Slave Trade? Kunte Kinte might have had a pretty shit life, but his descendants hit the jackpot, born into one of the richest, freest countries on the planet.

    The slavers are poorer today than the slaves.

  4. TMB, BLM will remain silent. There are no 200lb drugged up thugs involved from which to make political capital.

  5. See the same thing happening in Canada, last protest was the Hereditary Chiefs objected even though the elected band council and members had approved the project. Of course the idea that they may have just been after their slice of the pie was a terrible slur

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