It’s making the news

The whole of the Algarve saw only 15 deaths — although 69 new cases were recently identified after an illegal party near Lagos.

Gone up to 100 now.

Worth noting that the entire – resident – population of the Algarve is perhaps 400,000 people, smaller than Bristol, to put those numbers in perspective.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Nigeria is a long way to go to a party. I wonder if there are many New World settlements named after Old World towns that are not more famous than the original – outside the US anyway. A female relative of mine received a very puzzling answer when she asked where Boston was only to be told it was quaint little fishing village on the North Sea.

    That said, this is Portugal. Are we sure they bother to test people for the disease? Can we be sure they are testing correctly?

    I think the best evidence is that the only sensible policy is to ignore the disease. Maybe protect the old people’s homes. So if the Portuguese are declining to test properly so they have cover to do nothing, good for them. Their public health liars are better than America’s public health liars.

  2. I guess the impact has been mainly on Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra. 380 cases per 100,000 is higher than Netherlands but lower than the UK. Since the medical system is much more modern than the UK, I imagine the facilities and testing are more efficient

  3. The conflation is pandemic. Cases does not equal deaths.

    Increase of testing does not mean increase of cases.

    This conflation is the root of the famous ‘second wave’.

  4. That threw me I didn’t know there was a Lagos in Portugal.

    ” Lagos is a town in southern Portugal’s Algarve region known for its walled old town, cliffs and Atlantic beaches. Steep wooden steps lead to the sandy cove of Praia do Camilo……..”

    Odd how leisure and hospitality cling to some idea they have any chance of surviving , 1m 2m lockdown /not lock-down, has nothing to do with it. Whats the point of going somewhere to be alert careful, and in every way less happy than you were at home
    They are dead meat

  5. Indeed so, starting point of he Atlantic slave trade too. 144something AD, first african slaves taken off the coast by boat by Europeans to Europe. Almost certainly Berbers and landed at Lagos.

  6. It’s a pretty town, amazing Golden Church and a good little museum about the navigators. Lots to enjoy in all the little towns and villages along that stretch and amazing cliff walks between them.

  7. 720 hole golf course with a few towns scattered across it. Primary language English. Much better food than Spain, though

  8. Test comment Tim is because I have made 5 attempts to post a article showing what shite the new normal dentistry is to be and the blog has not processed it 5 times. No problem with my tests tho.

    Any thoughts?

  9. Vernon Coleman is a crank – a vegan, a transvestite and someone who believes that passive smoking is a serious threat to health. What he says about post-covid dentistry is very likely an exaggeration.

  10. I just fucking told you Theo that what he says is correct –as my own fuckwit dentist has just put all the same shit on her website.

    Whatever he isn’t stupid enough to talk shite about being a “Whig” while paying BlueLabour’s bills.

  11. That is the problem–the text will appear on preview both here and at Samizdata –but–8 attempts now–won’t print on the blogs. Just disappears when I press “Post” button.

    If you go the website–link (4 posts above) works –then go to Health box and click on “End of dentistry” . It may be I am no good at computers –true–or something has been done to ensure the text can’t be copied anywhere.

    If anyone has more comp savvy and can get it to print here–please help.

  12. @Diogenes

    Summary: might as well get string and a sturdy door when you’ve got a toothache…

    Given that the rules are made by Chairwarmers wanting to eliminate every possible risk of blame-by-oversight, Da R00les are as draconian and impractical as you might expect, on steroïds…. But you don’t need to be a crank hacksaw to see that…

    @Ecks: seriously..? The bloke’s a 4G/5G-cancer nuthead…

  13. Grikath–whatever the truth of Gwhatever he is 100% spot on re dentistry. The new normal for teeth is tyrannical bullshit and no drill–what’s the point of a fucking dentist who can’t drill teeth?

  14. So Much For Subtlety

    Diogenes June 21, 2020 at 10:22 am – “How about all those towns called Paris and Berlin in the USA?”

    It seems that every other American university is in a town called Cambridge or Oxford. But I don’t think any of those are going to be more famous than the original. At least not within my lifetime.

    The film Paris Texas may have made one town in Texas mildly famous but perhaps not as famous as the original.

    BraveFart June 21, 2020 at 10:42 am – “A well known hotbed of communism in East Ayrshire, population about 120 kulaks.”

    How the hell did that end up being called Moscow? After the Russian original I assume rather than the Russian one being named after the British one.

    I always liked that Donbas now in Ukraine but maybe soon in Russia, was originally called something like Jonestown because it was built by a Welsh mining engineer.

  15. “ The bloke’s a 4G/5G-cancer nuthead…”

    What? 4G can give you cancer as well now? I didn’t think it caused anything more serious than chilblains…

  16. “…my own fuckwit dentist has just put all the same shit on her website.”

    Then post a link to that rather than to a screed by a vegan transvestite nutjob who will say almost anything to sell his self-published drivel.

    The regulations seem OTT, but the issue is more how long they will be in place.

  17. PF–I have been looking at a screen with a vast number of –random–old threads on them–all random dates. The series seemed to start from the latest thread . Therefore it seems I was looking at old threads and was my own impersonator. I don’t know how it happened as the archives aren’t stored at random(are they?)–I only realised when it seemed Tim had written about 12 threads in the last few hours–way over his work rate. Then I noticed the random but old dates . I went back to home and the current page re-appeared. Either senility is on the way–no sign of it elsewhere in my life– or something odd going on.

  18. Rob Moss–Thanks for the link.

    Theo–“Nut job” or not everything he said is correct –as sanitised by my dentist. That is all you need to know–check yr own fucking dentist–or are you a Steradent case? Public schoolboy with a glass by the bed–the image doesn’t fit right does it.

    How long will the new normal last? For fucking ever if they can manage it. Dr C is right again in that lots of tooth-hacks won’t survive as businesses for long with 1 third of their clients and massive price rises to cover this shite.

    Johnson seems to be trying for King of Fuckwittery–and unusually for BlueLabour succeeding.

  19. Ecks


    “Either senility is on the way–no sign of it elsewhere in my life– or something odd going on.”

    I know it well… But in this case I think I know what happened. Those old threads were all under the tag “idiotarians”! Which is also the latest Tim offering; chances are you clicked on the tag by accident..:)

  20. Thank you for that PF. Sets my mind at ease.

    I have no wish to star in a remake of the old Roger Moore oater “The Man who Haunted Himself”.

  21. Going back to Tim’s original post, rather than dentistry, was the illegal party those noisy neighbours that he was complaining about a while back?

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