Kill them, kill them!

Liverpool squad take the knee in tribute to George Floyd

No, not the players, none of us expect young footballers to be intellectual giants – no, not sneering, just a different application of talents – but the journalists. Taking the knee? We’re not Americans damn you. They’re kneeling!

14 thoughts on “Kill them, kill them!”

  1. Glad you explained what it meant. Before I read the last sentence I was assuming a more Irish interpretation of taking kneecaps.

  2. Shame they don’t feel it necessary to ‘take a knee’ over the industrial scale rape and abuse of English girls by Asians and Africans isn’t it. I guess it’s only black lives that matter.

  3. Sack every fucking one of them. Anyone contaminating anything with Marxist -programmed bullshit deserves to be destroyed.

  4. Go down on one knee, would be the usual british i’d have thought. Kneeling would be both knees.

  5. And yet when the unashamedly Christian quarterback Tim Tebow “took a knee” after scoring a touchdown he was condemned and ridiculed.

  6. Anyone else think that in this specific case, given the precise circumstances of his death, that kneeling down” was just about the least appropriate way to make a protest? Sort of like protesting in favour of women’s suffrage by riding racehorses…

  7. The club is owned by Americans. Maybe the owners told them to do it? I don’t know if the Red Sox did something similar if they are in season/practice??

  8. Ironically the theatre called the Menier Chocolate Factory, in London yesterday took a stand by closing the theatre, which was of course not even open. #theshowmustbepaused, even though it was not playing. Just bemused by the pointlessness of the gesture

  9. I can’t remember a similar outpouring of virtue signalling in the UK over the deaths of Tony Timpa or justine Damond.

    Our US contributors would be able to tell us how much rioting and looting took place over there.

  10. Are these the sort of young millionaires who seem particularly prone to suffer violent burglaries?

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