My money’s on the Chechens

Police reinforcements were sent to the usually tranquil French city of Dijon yesterday after dozens of Chechens armed with baseball bats and guns gathered there for a fourth day.

A car and dustbins were set ablaze and members of the Chechen diaspora fired AK47 rifles into the air in the latest in a series of raids apparently against youths of north African origin on council estates in the city in eastern France.

Hard buggers with a refreshingly direct manner of business. I once knew – knew, not was close to – a bloke who was in a legal battle with a Chechen business partner. He won in court too – then got assassinated.

12 thoughts on “My money’s on the Chechens”

  1. Leave ’em to it. I presume any remaining native Frenchies in the area are too old to leave the house and thus relatively safe.

    Yet again, we see the proof that inviting violent peasants into civilised countries has no civilising effect on the violent peasants, but a ruinous one on the civilised nation.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I feel Dijon is more vibrant by the minute. The Guardian must be so thrilled.

    I often wonder what the French establishment will do to keep the sexier Le Pen out of power. They have tried pretty much every legal trick in the book. Another unexpected cache of votes from Reunion I wonder?

  3. Chechen diaspora? Why did they stop in France, when a couple of hundred miles and a bit more violence could have got them safely to the UK?

    Are they poorly informed?

  4. Not a dicky bird from the UK media, of course – I have to search the french news to find out about it. (The linked Times article is buried under ‘world news’ and doesn’t appear on the web page, even if you click on the ‘more news’ option.)

    We had a holiday in Dijon (start of a Burgundy tour) a couple of years ago, and the historic centre is delightful. We didn’t, of course, visit the banlieues where all this aggro is taking place.

    Going by reports in Le Figaro, black drug dealers shot and killed a Chechen drug dealer and now all his ‘mates’ have turned up to even the score’. It’s taken the CRS and heavily armed paramilitary police to re-establish order.

  5. Chris Miller. I visited Dijon a few years back and got tear-gassed while viewing the delightful historic centre. That was thanks to some traditonally French student/anarchist type protests

  6. Tsk, they are only firing their AK-47s in the air, not actually AT people. Chill out, everyone. Just accept that if you can’t be arsed to clean your own house, or look after your own kids, then armed foreign gangs fighting it out on the streets of YOUR town or city is an inevitable and natural by-product of the mass, unrestricted immigration required to meet your “needs”.

  7. Sam Vara,

    They can’t handle proper mustard so they’ve settled in one of the wussy mustard capitals of the world.

  8. Don’t worry, Sam, if they are not already here, they are on their way. According to Lord Nigel of Farage, ten more boat loads, escorted by the French navy, arrived in the last 24 hours.

  9. @Pablito

    Yeah, but that was Thradhithional french protesters. That doesn’t count.. those crop up everywhere over there at the drop of a hat.. They are bio-organically home-grown traditionalists who are getting their wild oats in before settling in for that sedentary civil servant job with pension at 45… 😉

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