The world has only six months in which to change the course of the climate crisis and prevent a post-lockdown rebound in greenhouse gas emissions that would overwhelm efforts to stave off climate catastrophe, one of the world’s foremost energy experts has warned.

“This year is the last time we have, if we are not to see a carbon rebound,” said Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency.

The argument that we’ve got to do it all now does keep getting repeated. My own view – prejudice perhaps, based upon experience of how the political world works – is that the catastrophists realise they’re rumbled. Which is why the cries become ever more shrill. It all started out as let’s avoid 3 oC – OK, we can do that by a tweak or two to the system. But, but, we want to kill industrial capitalism, so, we’ll argue for 2 oC as the target. There, Hah! Hmm, well, yes, we can manage that with another tweak or two. We’ve already started fracking so that entirely rules out RCP 8.5 anyway. Solar and wind have got vastly cheaper, so we’re on RCP 4.0 maybe.

But, but, we want to kill industrial capitalism! So, 1.5 oC. Hah! And so on ad infinitum as it becomes obvious that killing industrial capitalism is never the answer yet is the desired goal.

Now of course I’m a cynic for saying so but it is how I read it. And thus we get this latest 6 months to save the world – it’ll be 24 hours to save the NHS next.

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  1. A lot of newly impoverished people are very soon to realise that they are newly impoverished. Middle class Marxist cockrot will also soon be assuming its proper place in terms of its non-importance.

  2. It’s easy to think of any number of ways to cool the earth, or just get rid of CO2, if you ignore the nonsense the Greens pump out. But of course, if they succeeded, they’d be out of a job.

    Much like foreign aid. I’m pleased that Trump is at least trying to do something about the aid to all sides that keeps the Israeli-Palestinian mess, and now the Yemen nonsense as well, going on and on.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    After a while one learns to pay scant attention to the wrenching sound of goalposts being moved. A pox on all model-builders and their extravagant assumptions.

  4. In the world of finance when someone urges you to do something that involves a lot of your money and interjects a sense of urgency with the “you have to act quickly” we are told to recognise it a scam.

    With “climate change” the sums of money are higher and the sense of urgency is louder.

  5. Fatty Biro says there’s going to be a “post lockdown carbon rebound”.
    Very soon now.
    Does he/she/it indeed?
    I mean, apart from these lunatics, who really gives a fuck?

  6. ‘… prevent a post-lockdown rebound in greenhouse gas emissions…’

    But… atmospheric CO2 data at Mauna Loa Observatory has shown no decrease during the period of ‘lockdown’. If Man-made emissions play such a big part in increasing atmospheric CO2, and their reduction could have such immediate effect, then large scale reduced emissions should have been detected there.

    “I personally doubt we will see a clear COVID-19 effect in the CO2 data in the coming months, but I would be glad to be proved wrong. As I mentioned last month, those who view the economic downturn as an opportunity to reduce atmospheric CO2 would have to wait many years — even decades — before we would see the impact of a large economic downturn on global temperatures, which would occur at great cost to humanity, especially the poor.“ – Dr Roy Spencer Ph D.

    And this is a very important factor which never gets mentioned. Whenever an activity is undertaken to bring about a change, there has to be some way to measure its effect at incremental stages. Are we doing too much, too little, enough?

    If decreasing CO2 is to be achieved by reducing emissions and we cannot tell for decades what effect such reduction is having, if any, and because of natural climate variation, there is no way to monitor in real time by how much global temperatures are reducing in response to such CO2 emission reduction, we cannot know to what extent the action we are taking is working, whether it is working at all, or whether other factors are causing any observed change.

    We, and successive generations, cannot ever know whether or not we have stopped Armageddon.

    Carrying out an experiment (which the great ‘net zero carbon’ adventure is) to test a prediction based on a hypothesis, without being able to observe outcome, is not science, it is a religious ritual.

  7. “We’ve got to destroy capitalism to save the climate!!!111!!!”
    Yebbut, lookee there, capitalism is *saving* the climate.
    “We’ve got to destroy capitalism *EVEN MOARS* to save the climate!!!111!!!”

  8. There is no immediate effect, if there were an effect in years ahead then it would be smoothed out by that time. Not very likely is it, say ten years hence, sudden dip/rise in whatever for a few months; oh yes that was caused by the Great Panic?

  9. Dammit you people! Now, we have only 5 months and 29 days!

    I decided to spring for the Spätlese and Tanqueray yesterday. Can’t take it with me!

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