Oh dear

Business activity picked up in May, with the composite purchasing managers’ index climbing from a record low of 13.6 in April to 31.9. Any reading below 50 indicates contraction.

The second sentence means that the first one is wrong. Actually, business activity continued to diminish but at a lower rate.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    You know, I don’t like to wish bad things on anyone but I am not entirely disappointed in this outcome.

    I am hoping Boris will fail to sell us out – despite his best efforts and instincts to do so – and we will get a no-deal Brexit.

    The great thing about the Corona-virus is that both parties have f**ked the economy so badly, who would notice any turbulence caused by a rough Brexit?

    I would not go so far as to say I am happy to see that 31.9. But worse things have happened.

    Who wants to bet that Boris will commit Britain to paying hundreds of billions to bail out Spain and Italy for the corona virus as we leave?

  2. He must know that would be goodbye Blojo. No “legacy” then except “The Blond Betrayer”.

    A WTO or FTA deal is the ONLY reason to support the idiot. Because ANY likely replacement would be worse. If he sells out then no more reason to stick with Tories.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Ecks June 4, 2020 at 10:27 am – “He must know that would be goodbye Blojo. No “legacy” then except “The Blond Betrayer”.”

    If he un-did Brexit, the Establishment would give him anything he wanted. From the ambassadorship to Washington to a peerage to banging the Heir Apparent’s wife on Hampstead heath.

    It is just the voters who will hate him.

  4. He could have done that already SMFS–and the EU aren’t making it easy for him.

    Money/approval isn’t enough many times. I’m sure Hitler would have given Churchill history’s greatest ever pay off to betray the UK.

    Not defending Blojo–but I suspect that he already has–and always has had– a rich enough life. More cash/kudos from scum but to be ever remembered as a traitor and lower than Bliar or the Orig Bottler is not something Blojo would want.

    I hope.

  5. Oh dear

    Indeed, link is to The Times, not Guardian. We’re doomed

    Meanwhile in UK as Covid-19 threat approaching zero. Gov’t clowns act as if cases now exponentially increasing daily

    – Jan to mid-June: no arrivals checks, quarantine at Air/Sea ports. Mid-June on two weeks quarantine

    – Jan to mid-June: no face masks reqd. Mid-June on face masks reqd on all public transport, inc planes, ferries, taxis

    What the hell is going on? These measures are unnecessary and increase sheeples fear when we need return to normality

    Special Offer:
    Sheeple Essentials Starter Kit

    Use code: GuLLibLe for 75% discount at Fearmongering.gov.uk

  6. Very poor attempt at defending the indefensible new Quarantine of arrivals
    – “Nick Ferrari asked the Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis why the government is only now bringing in the quarantine rules for international travellers”

    PS Sorry for above missing / again. @Richard, enable Edit

  7. Yet another arts graduate in the media who doesn’t understand acceleration (or deceleration in this case).

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