Oh dear Ms. Bennett, oh dear

Would they mind extending their surveys to a group of living statues active – give or take – within the House of Lords? Specifically, its generous hereditary contingent, both the current, 92 members, and the names on an official register of interested peers (thereby eligible each time death creates a vacancy).

The list of people who would like to stand for election next time there is a vacancy.

Somehow, scores of old (usually), conservative (predominantly), white (always) men (exclusively), who are equally bereft of electoral legitimacy, enjoy their gentleman’s club to this day.

Interesting, given that the hereditaries are the only people actually elected to that house…..

11 thoughts on “Oh dear Ms. Bennett, oh dear”

  1. BlokeInTejasInNormandy

    But why have the BLM protesters not started burning mosques and demanding the religion be driven out of the uk??

  2. Dearieme, I was going to say the same thing.

    Mostly those which descend through the female line are the very old English baronies and Scottish lordships (not baronies), but there are a few later ones where decent is not to “heirs male of the body” only. Where they can descend this way they often go into abeyance where two or more daughters have equal rights and one has to “give way” to the other.

    A prominent example. of a peerage that can be inherited by a woman is the dukedom of Marlborough, the inheritance of which was designed to keep it going for ever.

    Wikipedia lists nine current female peers, including the fantastically aristocratic Jane Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, 28th Baroness Willoughby de Eresby.

  3. In Kind Hearts and Coronets the D’Ascoyne lineage can pass on both sides thanks to services rendered by the first duchess to Charles II

  4. Bravefart, in the Mail article the BLM agitator is a black woman with bleach blonde hair. Is that not cultural appropriation?

  5. You don’t get more democratic than Tony Blair appointing a supporter, someone who has never been elected by anyone in their life, as a Peer. Hundreds of them, in fact. That’s Democracy for you.

  6. I wonder how La Bennett got her job at the Guardian? The same way as most of the other columnists, I expect.

  7. People mustn’t be judged on their actions, but on those of their ancestors, yeah! unto the seventh generation. Damn you and your Englightment thinking, evil persists in the blood!

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