Jeebus Remoaners, get a grip:

Tourism and travel leaders have expressed disappointment and frustration after it emerged that the UK will not be taking part in an EU-led data-sharing project to reboot tourism as lockdowns lift.

The European commission has launched an app and website that provide travellers with real-time information about coronavirus rules and the status of infections in each European country. A commission spokesman told the Guardian the UK was not included as the government had not asked to be involved.

It’s an app. Onna phone. Which will be used by three and a half people. None of whom actually need that info on an app – even the most vigorous of tourists doesn’t change country more than once a day or so. All of the information will still be available online via Mr. Google anyway. And if you’re the data package to run an app then you’ve the ability to use Mr. Google.

But, you know, Wah, Wah, the UK isn’t joining an EU thingie, aren’t we terrible?

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  1. Everyone needs to seriously get a grip about this slightly more dangerous than ‘flu bug. It’s out there now all over the world, no way of stopping it any more, short of the complete destruction of civilisation.

    I note China has decided a little more panic theatre for the benefit of western audiences is in order. I wonder who is the lead agitator behind the current unpleasantness on the streets.

  2. The Worldometers website has all the information you need. Who cares about an app?

    Also, presumably UK travellers to Europe can use the app, except it won’t have UK information on it. Which will be fine, because they won’t be in the UK.

  3. Plainly the UK didn’t consider it worth the bother. If it is, there doesn’t seem to be any difficulty in joining. Not being a traveler, I’ve no idea how useful such a website would be.

    I suppose if I was going to some foreign clime, I’d look up the site of the government concerned. I’d expect them to be the ones who could bugger me around the most.

  4. And of course, the people you meet in foreign will tell you about the rules. If social distancing means you can’t go into a bar or restaurant or sit in a certain place, the staff will tell you this. They’re hardly likely to plonk you down illegally and then shop you to the rozzers.

    So much of the Remainer argument seems to depend on the assumption that Europeans are a frightful bunch of shits.

  5. Devil’s advocate:

    It’s not the app, so much as the press releases. Every week we’ll have an announcement from the EU with a list of countries and their current lockdown status. Journalists will dutifully copy and paste the list, bookended with some fluff text. Britain, Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland will be absent from the list.

    Would-be travellers come in two types: those who know that they want to go to the UK, and those who are just browsing for ideas. In the latter camp, someone will see “oh look, Italy has opened up, let’s go there”; whereas they’d never think to check the situation in Britain.

    The reality is more nuanced, of course.

  6. The Worldometers website has all the information you need.

    And even plenty you don’t!

    If even wikipedia is saying that your “facts” are rubbish, it’s time for a rethink.

  7. BiG
    Glad to see I’m not the only one to see a conspiracy in the Beijing “second wave”. Just happening to discover. a bunch of totally asymptomatic infections near a street market. Yeah, right.

  8. “even the most vigorous of tourists doesn’t change country more than once a day or so”

    Usually, no. But I was one trying to drive around Luxembourg for the weekend (I’d been lecturing there on the Friday, so thought I’d hire a car and have a look around); it wasn’t well signposted so I kept missing my turning and overshooting; I did at least a dozen border crossings in an afternoon.

  9. As I was scribbling out the piece I was wondering – shall I put in the qualifier, “except for tourists in Luxembourg”?

    Strange but true, I was….

  10. Same thing happens in the Pyrenees, you can find yourself swapping between France, Spain and Andorra with astonishing rapidity. France and Switzerland can also be interesting. Isn’t the runway of Geneva Airport actually in France? And don’t mention the Saarland…

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    We stayed at a little caravan site in Wasserbillig last October. Its right on the German border. There’s a road there with an inordinate amount of petrol stations and one of them had more pumps that I’d seen in any petrol station, anywhere. Probably more pumps than a UK town.

    When I checked the prices they were much less than Germany and there was a steady stream of German cars refueling. My guess is much lower taxes.

    So much for level playing fields.

  12. I was always amused by the exit arrangements at Mulhouse/Basel airport. There are three doors out of baggage reclaim: one takes you into France, one to Germany, and the third to Luxembourg.

  13. Diogenes,

    No, but Basel airport is in France. You have to go out the right door to get a Swiss taxi not a French one. Business takes me to Basel a fair bit (or did before crapona). The global evil pharma industry tends to reside in crap third-rate towns, and Basel is very much the arse end of Switzerland. It’s one of those places you could say I’ve been to so you don’t have to.

  14. And likely Chiasso, another crap Swiss border town, which really did feature in some wartime intrigue.

    I like Switzerland, really do. But the likeable parts of it. Which do not include Basel or Chiasso.

  15. Mea Culpa . . . I should have written Switzerland, not Luxembourg. No excuse, as I flew into there many times in order to get to the Peugeot factory.

  16. “even the most vigorous of tourists doesn’t change country more than once a day or so”
    It’s not so long a go that Hong Kong travel agents were selling 5day/4night tours to Europe that included at least 6 countries

  17. BiND,

    I once drove to the Alsace via Belgium and Luxembourg, as it’s free motorway the whole way. When I did it, there were petrol stations and cigarette shacks as you entered from Belgium and when you come out the other side, it’s the same thing for France.

  18. @asiaseen

    Yeah… you spend most of those days/nights in a bus… 😛

    /lives within “spitting distance” of Kinderdijk.. Soooooo many chinese in Season… 😉

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