Questions we’ll not bother to answer

Over at Quora it’s possible to make money by posing questions for people to answer. Not a lot, it’s the sort of amount that might attract a third worlder. But possibly this model needs a certain analysis. For we do end up with questions that aren’t worth answering:

When were the Chinese economic reforms of 1978 put in place?

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    When were the Chinese economic reforms of 1978 put in place?

    What we know now in the wake of the great Wuhan pangolin lab break-out is that the answer will be 1972 or more likely 1984.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Someone has been given homework to do. A university student I would guess.

    But maybe it is a trick question. Maybe the reforms are referred to in that way but they were not implemented until the next year? I seem to remember it was a gradual process.

  3. Taking the broad, spacious view, I suppose it is possible the reforms were announced in ’78 but not implemented till… some subsequent year.

    Happens with our legislation all the time.

  4. Hmmm. There are some oldies but goodies out there that might stump someone.

    What color was George Washington’s white horse?
    Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?

  5. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    When were the Chinese economic reforms of 1978 put in place?

    Correct Response: Who gives a fuck?

    Correct Answer: There is no such thing as “reform” in a totalitarian state, so the question is moot.

  6. In fact and come to think of it, I’m about 99% confident you can find British legislation which has received Royal Assent but which has never come into force.

    Thus, were one to ask, “when were the British xxxxxxx reforms of 1958 put in place?”, it is entirely possible it is a trick question. For they have never been “put in place”.

  7. So Farage suddenly left LBC because BAME employees wanted him sacked over a comparison of BLM and Taliban and the company obliged. If this proves to be true there will be yet another radio station I won’t be listening to again.

    Konstantin Kisin had an interesting tweet explaining how this whole current situation might unfold. I would actually welcome that scenario.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    The thread Jussi refered to:

    For those who don’t do Twitter:

    1. Young, predominantly white, men decide to take it on themselves to defend “our” national symbols.

    2. Hijacked by far right.

    3. Violence ensues and police aren’t even handed.

    4. Defenders are disproportionately charged with violence and breaking lockdown. MSM reports “27 police hurt in far right violence”.

    5. Most normal people think fuck this for a game of soldiers and start going right, “UKIP” resurrection, Tories panic, sack Boris and appoint a “law and order” candidate, GE based on immigration policy.

    Kisin thinks sacking of Nigel is start of this scenario unfolding.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Sorry, it’s an autonomous zone and It’s getting better

    “ A post claiming to represent the voice of the far-left occupation zone in Seattle has a long list of demands. They demand the abolishment of the criminal justice system, demand race segregated spaces, demand funding for illegal foreign nationals & more.”

    Now they’re fighting for Jim Crow and Apartheid types of segregation.

  10. A Question we can answer

    Is the Government Failing Secondary School Children?

    No. Unions and LEAs are failing all School Children by obstructing opening schools

    As for Justine Greening, Paul Mundy-Castle and Sir Michael Wilshaw – zero mention of Teachers’ Union on strike on full pay stopping schools opening – FO

    Paul Mundy-Castle: FO for ever for starting with eulogising Felon Floyd and terrorist BLM

    Piers Moron: was his ended in March good relationship with Trump only thing keeping him sane?

    Gov’t should tell teachers: Go back to work or pay stopped

  11. @Mr Lud
    99% ? Shirley you mean 1999%

    ISIS – as I too have said*

    Racist UK? No

    Nigel Farage vs a gaggle of ITV, BBC, HuffPost Leftists inc Piers Moron
    The Debate Gets Heated over Whether Controversial Statues Should Be Removed

    Removed? No
    New ‘descriptive’ plaques? No
    They are historic, leave as is same as buildings. Removal/destruction is ISIS, Stalin, Hitler, Mao behaviour.
    UK Labour has recent history of destroying monuments – the Ed Stone

    Point to ponder: if UK hadn’t been rich and No1 power in C19, would we have been able to unilaterally impose “End of Slavery” on rest of Western world?

    Yorkshire Tea Endorses #BlackLivesMatter & proudly supports tyranny
    David Dorn’s murder, St Louis, Missouri celebrated by Yorkshire Tea
    From arson, looting and murder during the American riots, to injuring 30 police and tearing down statues in the UK, #BlackLivesMatter have not exactly shown themselves to be a movement of peace. This makes it seem that companies such as PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea signalling they are pro-BLM is done from coercion

    Karl Marx supported slavery and was racist
    – Wonder how Left twist this inconvenient truth?

    Man charged with murder of David Dorn

    * BLM are as dangerous and evil as ISIS, Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin with their destruction of past

  12. Meanwhile Blojo sits on his fat BluLabour arse trying to track and trace decent people.

    Lets do all we can to ensure T&T (they should have called it “Track and Ascertain”) fails miserably.

    They have got all the tyranny they are going to get out their damp squib flu.

  13. @Mr Ecks
    Damp squib ‘Flu” – Yes
    <blockquote“How many of the 40,000+ died From CV19 Not [maybe] With?

    Fortunately we have an answer:

    approx 1,250 people died with ONLY Covid 19 on the death certificate.

    Pcar on on 7 March on TW
    Normal: In the UK there are 1,668 deaths per day

    Covid-19 +1, 10, 100, 250 pd mostly ‘with’ not ‘by’ premature – nothing burger

    Keep calm and carry on

  14. @Ted S, Catskill Mtns, NY, USA

    “Unfortunately, Coventry City eventually went on to win the FA Cup.”

    I am touched that you should be so aware of Brit culture as to know both your Python and your ‘soccer’ 🙂

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