A Spanish porn star is being investigated on charges of manslaughter after a man died at his house due to the effects of inhaling vapour from the venom of a toad.

16 thoughts on “Rocco?”

  1. Off topic right off the bat but related to porn. If one wants to buy a handy short (30″) leather sjambok instead of a long proper one, one has to buy it from a porn shop, online is possible and apparently the packaging is discreet.

  2. Nacho Vidal

    Could be a friend of Rocco. Made plenty of films. Currently holding HIV at bay.

  3. Batman: well, you know how it is. You’re at a party, someone’s passing around a weaponised hallucinogenic toad venom vapour…

  4. Nacho is a good mate of mine but he has a wild side. I wouldn’t trust him with Richard. Come to think of it, nor the donkey

  5. Jussi–the Sjambok is a serious weapon that would be quite effective out on the pavement–tho 30″ is not really a street carry weapon with Plod on the nose.

    Odd that perv shops sell them–they would have to be serious heavy duty freaks to enjoy being hit by a sjambok.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    You know, I may have lived a rather sheltered life, but it has never really occurred to me to vape toad venom.

    I wonder as I get older whether this will amount to a major regret in life? Perhaps – but if so I think it will have to join the queue behind autoerotic asphyxiation involving a satsuma. Well behind.

    I think I will just stick to the smack.

  7. Mr Ecks,

    Very popular pastime in the squirrel suit-wearing community.

    Apparently. So I’m told.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    A 30″ sjambok? For a squirrel? Where is the RSPCA when you need them? The zebra suit wearing community perhaps. Maybe the elephant wearing community.

  9. Rocco, I was after a shorter version. I wonder if it’s OK to use one if a random black dude demands I take a knee? Or would that be too politically in-correct given the history of a sjambok…

  10. @SMFS: “The zebra suit wearing community perhaps. Maybe the elephant wearing community.”

    What about the kimono-wearing community…

  11. Jussi, you will be damned for cultural appropriation but you are welcome to try out for a part in my forthcoming film, which was to have involved Nacho, “Rocco’s Pollyamory”

  12. @Rooco

    Tim Newman has more experience with Pollyamory, although Jussi may be cheaper – beer money

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