Silly xe

A surprising, very welcome and very important decision by the US Supreme Court says that anti-LGBT+ discrimination is sex discrimination and therefore LGBT+ people are protected in employment law.

Not all that surprising, no.

There is a lot of bad news for LGBT+ people in the world right now, not least in the UK where the Westminster government is expected to try and roll back trans people’s rights this week, and LGBT+ people’s rights in the US remain under threat (and in the US, fire-at-will employment law means they can still be discriminated against, but less overtly). Nevertheless this is something worth celebrating.

If everyone’s fire at will then there’s no discrimination, is there? And as for the UK:

The Equality Act 2010 officially adds “gender reassignment” as a “protected characteristic”,

The UK has already affirmed those same rights – a decade back.

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  1. Judicial activism – judges creating law – is good, if they support the right causes.

    Causes being more important than the sustainability of the country.

  2. The tranny mentalists are going to be bad news for teh gayers. If LGBs had any sense, they’d ditch the T+ sharpish, because at best they’re mentally ill; at worst they are misogynistic narcissist perverts.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I think Gorsuch’s betrayal is surprising. Roberts not so much. It shows the problems that conservatives often have – they appoint people who swear they will respect the law, but they don’t. Repeatedly.

    It is also a threat to the rule of law. If the writers of the law had wanted to protect the mentally ill, they could have written gender protections into the law. Congress still can. But they did not. Nor do they want to. So an activist Court has simply re-defined the English language in a way to further a leftist political agenda. Gorsuch should be hanged in his robes from the near lamp post.

    Because, in the end, there is nothing stopping them saying that opening your egg from the larger end isn’t what they meant when they wrote the word “treason” in the Constitution.

  4. Piss poor judgement. Sex is not gender. The law (as anyone sane understood it) meant you couldn’t discriminate against women (by hiring or promoting a man) or vice versa (although that wasn’t the problem being solved at the time).

    To contort that to mean a queer man or woman is not what was intended by the authors and was the lesser evil. To then stretch it further to encompass the trannies was just smearing people’s faces with faeces to teach them a lesson.

  5. Broke: public policy being made by democratically elected representatives of the people

    Woke: public policy being made by an unsackable Sanhedrin of unaccountable lawyers

    Bespoke: treat corrupt judges like Cambyses II did Sisamnes. Literal skin in the game sharpens jurisprudential minds.

  6. Gorsuch did his doctorate under Finnis, who is conservative but still wants to twist the law to come up with the result he wants. Finnis might not have approved of Gorsuch’s result, but I think he’d have approved of the means if it had got the result he wanted. Sadly there are hardly any judges left who actually follow the law.

  7. Meanwhile, you can still be fired for being Republican. Diversity of bedroom: fine. Diversity of thought: forbidden.

  8. If Gary/Carrie were my employee I’d likely fire the cvnt for the simple reason I’d not be able to bear looking at the ugly gorgon daily whether it was identifying as male togged up in a lounge suit or as female bewigged in a dress

  9. I think I’d like Xy as my preferred pronoun.

    My choice would be “The Imperial Majesty, Supreme Overlord of the Universe”

  10. If people who wanted to self identify as a female, while so obviously a male, or vice versa, why not make it official, like a name change, where they have to make a statutory declaration, and paying the solicitor’s fees, each time? This would separate those who really wished to make their self identification change permanent, from the mischievious, vexatious, cretins who merely wish to use the law to to annoy everyone else.

  11. It’s fascinating how the bigmouth blog bangs on endlessly about trans rights, but doesn’t give a shit about the visually impaired. That font/colour combination is pretty unreadable even for the normally sighted.

  12. One of the cases involved a parachute instructor saying to a female client don’t worry about us being so close as I’m 100% gay.
    He wasn’t sacked because he was gay he was sacked for inappropriate comments, the fact it was a comment about him being gay was irrelevant.

  13. To understand how barmy the outcomes of this kind of thinking is, let me tell you a story.

    In the north of England there is a working copper. Some days the copper is male, some days female.

    The copper has two warrant cards, one in each identity.

  14. Flubber

    Just the two? He, sorry Za, could have wangled a dozen or more? That might start to focus a few minds…

    BiW – “And I’d still not be as narcissistic as the trannies.”


  15. One of the cases involved a parachute instructor saying to a female client don’t worry about us being so close as I’m 100% gay.
    He wasn’t sacked because he was gay he was sacked for inappropriate comments, the fact it was a comment about him being gay was irrelevant.

    Was there worse than this? If not, it seems a very low bar for sackable inappropriateness.

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