Just the usual tale of a bureaucracy being all efficient and useful:

The City watchdog has issued a warning to consumers after scammers cloned the industry register which is supposed to protect them from rogue firms.

The Financial Conduct Authority’s register, a database, exists to help consumers spot unregulated advisers and scam financial firms.

However, the FCA said it has been cloned, likely by financial scammers looking to dupe consumers into believing scam firms are legitimate. The fake register remains online at but the FCA said it was working to remove the website. When questioned, the regulator did not say when it first became aware of the issue.

Mark Taber, a financial campaigner, questioned why the watchdog had not bought this and similar websites domains itself. He said these domains could be purchased for as little as 99p and that this would have prevented third parties from doing so….

5 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. The Pedant-General

    How long before the scammers post the same message but suggesting that the real FCA site is the scam I wonder….

  2. Why bother cloning the list? The authorities in Cyprus will register just about anyone claiming to be a financial advisor and then the FCA has to accept them and allow them to operate in the UK under EU rules. There’s a long history of people being scammed by these companies and the FCA does f-all about it.

  3. “As little as 99p”

    Not on my planet. I have a dot-org address and I’d like to see where I can get it for that price.

  4. Mark Taber is an idiot.

    It is next to impossible to register all the possible alternatives of a domain. The fact that there are hundreds of top level domains is just part of the problem. There’s also hyphens vs dots, intentional typos (typosquats) and so on. Companies like banks, apple and paypal (for example) use special services to take down fake versions of their web presence and there is no reason why the FCA could not do the same thing. But even when organizations do the work to look for these scam sites, the sites can be hard to have taken down or blocked.

  5. The *whole* *point* of the hierarchial domain naming structure is that very hierarchial domain naming structure. is ****NOT******* a government regulatory body, because it’s not *.gov[.*]

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