Snippa iz black now

I hate racism. I always have. I have reason to. As someone who appears to have all the characteristics that have offered undue advantage (white, male, etc.,) I have most definitely experienced racism.

Maybe people don’t recall now how the Irish were once treated in this country. I lived that experience when growing up. If anything identities you as Irish when you don’t otherwise sound it the name Murphy does.

The casual name calling was normal, whether it be Paddy, Spud or whatever.

The way he describes his background he’s about as Irish as I am. That is, not, but close enough to be eligible for the passport.

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  1. Poor, pitiful Ritchie.

    ‘As someone who appears to have all the characteristics that have offered undue advantage (white, male)’

    It never occurs to him that ‘undue advantage’ is fake. He thinks it real, he was just cheated out of it.

  2. I grew up Murphy, too, though not even Irish enough to be eligible for the passport. He’s talking utter bollocks. Wearing glasses (foureyes) was an actual (small) problem. Being irish, or having an irish name, was not. My grandfather was Patrick, so Paddy and Spud were his nicknames. it’s like complaining about Dusty Millers, Chalky Whites or Nobby Clarkes. He really is pitiful.

  3. perhaps I am a dinosaur, but calling someone Paddy or Spud is not of itself racist. In fact we used to call one of My university flatmates Spud, and he hailed from the south east (of England).

  4. Well, yes, although you and I were (at least in part) educated at a place brim full with papists where Irishness was not exactly uncommon….the Harris brothers really were Irish for example, and the Austrian bloke was “Fritz” to all.

  5. As a loser, Spud likes status, and the status of a victim of ‘racism’ is one more badge for him to wear – even if the Irish are not a race.

  6. That’s just a fucking lie. I spent 2 years on a course with his twin brother Jonathan and no one ever referred to him as spud /paddy etc.

  7. Imagine thinking the woke jihad is going to be impressed by your claim to be an oppressed potato tho.

    The Irish are even lower than white gay men on the intersectional victimhood hierarchy, and that’s pretty fucking low as the already-forgotten atrocity in Reading attests to. Waving your spudditude as if it’s Charlie Bucket’s golden ticket into the cool kids club is like nervously imploring Mike Tyson not to hit a guy with glasses after you’ve just ran over his pet tiger.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Poor Mr Murphy, he’s suffered more persecution than holocaust victims and now more racism than blacks.

    That must put him well on top in victim hood poker.

  9. Good grief! He’s really banging the ban-hammer on that thread! Pretty soon the blog might get fed up with him….

  10. “They only tease you because they like you.” – Gamecock’s mother, ~1955

    “He was teased at school?”

    Not likely.

  11. I was raised in Canada in the 1950s, the son of German immigrants. ‘Fritz’ was the mildest of the ‘racism’, but truthfully, 99% of it was fun and not racist. Nobody cared when I and my brothers responded in kind. Our schools were full of wops, dagos, ukes, russkis, krauts, polacks et endless cetera

    If one took it seriously, one was a weak dork, like that Mick you always mock.

  12. As someone who appears to have all the characteristics that have offered undue advantage (white, male, etc.,)

    He missed out his “unreasonable sociopathic cvntishness”

  13. I have an Irish name. I didn’t realise until my elder sister went to grammar school and she told me it had been commented on by one of her teachers. I don’t recall any racism against me. Maybe they were micro aggressions and just too subtle for me to notice, there being no woke people to point them out to me 60 years ago.

  14. Spud: “Racism is really bad. It’s terrible that some people get victimised because they’re different to us.”

    Also Spud: “That’s your last post here.”

  15. that utterly vile Paki

    She’s a posh Indian, so that would massively annoy her. And even though she’d say it annoys her because it’s racist, it would actually annoy her because she thinks Pakistanis are peasant scum.

  16. @aaa Jonathan was pretty wet and slightly effeminate. He certainly didn’t have an oirish accent just a normal Ipswich accent. Didn’t even realise he had irish antecedents , and no he wasn’t a cunt like his brother who hasn’t got an irish accent either.

  17. Dennis, Just Dennis

    A proposal to develop racial justice – with an appropriate level of funding – in 3, 2, 1…

  18. “Olson Johnson: All right… we’ll give some land to the niggers and the chinks. But we don’t want the Irish!
    [everyone complains]

    Olson Johnson: Aw, prairie shit… Everybody!
    [everyone rejoices].

    Blazing Saddles 1974

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