Snippa on Shell

That stranded assets problem:

Well, yes, can’t we just see the effect on pensioners of that asset write down?


6 thoughts on “Snippa on Shell”

  1. Just because Mark “rock star” Carnage was worried about stranded assets, that doesn’t imply that everyone should be worried. Sooner or later even our cretinous political overlords must acknowledge that the green policies foisted on them by outrageously corrupt folk such as Lord Trougher and his committee of idiots and cronies are untenable

  2. Doc Bud says
    This is interesting, maybe we don’t need a carbon tax:

    Or perhaps we need a carbon subsidy. Compare and contrast satellite images of the Sahel three or four decades ago (360 ppm CO2) with images today (400 ppm CO2)
    Cost benefit analysis is complex, but on the whole I’m on the side of those farmers who leave the tractor engine running to give their polytunnels a good dose of it.

  3. RDS is descending the tube because it has announced its intention of abandoning its core business, the extraction of fossil oil, to concentrate on harvesting unicorn farts. Attacking them as the poster boy for fossil fuels makes no sense.

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