So here’s an idea

Rejected petition
Erect a monument for the personnel of the Royal Navy West Africa Squadron

There’s a plinth free in Bristol for a statue to one of the Commodores for example…..

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  1. So as per the response to the previous petition suggest Bristol (or Portsmouth, Poole,Plymouth) for the site and ask central govt and any half awoke council to fund it.

  2. It would be a great political move by Boris – not to say a well-deserved tribute to the sailors – to announce such a monument. A great big imposing one.

    Can you imagine the Left’s predicament as it rushes to dissimulate and explain how Britain is actually the villain as ever.

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if this monument was paid for by a Gofundme campaign by Black people to thank the British government of the day for rescuing and returning the freed slaves to their ancestral home – Africa.
    However, I doubt that this would be successful as the fact that they would, again, run the risk of being enslaved by other fellow Africans or Islamic slavers, and that would be seen as the fault of the white sailors and Marines.

  4. Actually I read that many of those freed didn’t want to go home and instead stayed in Freetown, Sierra Leone. There is a good reason why that country rejoiced when we intervened to stop them being murdered and mutilated. It was about history and they remembered.

  5. Must admit that if I’d been in charge of British policy at the time, while I would certainly have abolished slavery in British territory, I certainly wouldn’t have wasted British lives and British money stopping foreigners selling their people to other foreigners. This is exactly the sort of luvvy woke intervention that I despise.

    But in this instance I’d have been wrong. It actually worked. So I definitely agree that a statue to commemorate the efforts of those blokes who actually did the hard work is a good idea.

  6. They did actually initially start with returning captured slaves back to African ports, but as it rapidly became clear that the African slavers would just recapture them, the RNWAS instead took them to the West Indies, gave them free land, free British citizenship and freedom of movement within the Empire.

    Undoubtedly, as time went on, there would be less and worse quality land to give the freedmen, I haven’t looked into that in detail. But once you were a British citizen, once you raised the resources you could relocate wherever you wanted in the Empire. Significant chunks of the Royal Navy and the Merchant Marine were freed Africans.

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