So Nesrine Malik is Arab Sudanese

Or, perhaps, Muslim Sudanese at least, something that will largely but not exclusively map over Arab such.

And this is a woman who would lecture us about slavery and blacks? This society, that is?

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  1. “the government imposed a partial lockdown and closed the airports.” Our government was called racist for even considering closing the airports.

  2. Coming up from Nesrine:

    If Britain ended slavery so why does Uncle Abdul have 3 women chained up in his cellar?

    Moving to the UK forced me to confront white fragility and life without an indentured menial

    Black Lives Matter because who else is going to clean up my shit?

  3. It might be interesting to look into the ethnicity of people convicted of modern slavery offences in the UK no?

  4. “…t it will get you convicted of racism.”

    There’s always that risk when telling the truth.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    There is a Filippino guy who wrote about his family immigrating to America and bringing their slave with them.

    We are the fools here though. We invaded her country to end slavery and now we invite her to the UK to lecture us all about how evil we are.

  6. What’s this “we” Chemo(sic) Sabe?

    Nobody I know invited the cunt here. And most would be very much in favour of ending her distressing circs–mixing with so many nasty whites–by sending her straight back again.

    The scum of the BlueLab Hierarchy have sat on their padded arses and embraced the new evil esp . They mostly need deporting as well. She can tell them–correctly–what shite they are while they are all in transit to their new homeland.

  7. I have a problem with this “modern slavery in the UK” trope because I’m not sure what it refers to. To me, slavery is being compelled to work under duress. I want to see compelled and duress. Not some definition of slavery that revolves around what the definers don’t like.
    There was a project we did in Hampstead’s Bishops Avenue, some years back. House belonged to some Arab woman. Odd set-up. Never saw there although did see her once at a follow up project in Bayswater.
    Hampstead place was under the control of a couple middle-eastern looking guys. Could have been Paki. The house was all set up for living in. But no-one did. Even on follow up visits, it was just staff. 8 or 9 middle-eastern girls you’d occasionally glimpse at the end of a corridor. They wouldn’t go near us, as far as I could tell, they never went out.
    Modern slavery in action?
    By UK definitions?
    Back where they come from, a job like this would provide somewhere to sleep and sufficient to eat Not much more. So they’re doing the same thing in London, probably in better conditions. They’re probably more than happy. So where’s the compulsion & duress? Do we impose UK standards on people don’t expect them? The net result may be, they don’t benefit from getting the job & stay living & starving in a shit-hole.

  8. To add to the above:
    If you want to do people under failing to comply with UK employment law, fair enough. That’s a UK domestic matter, But then you do both parties to the presumed employment contract. Not just the employer. That way you don’t give them a free pass on what would otherwise be breach of their conditions of entry to the UK. There is an onus on the employee not to accept employment contravenes UK employment law.

  9. Surely real slavery is where the state protects the ‘property rights’ of the slaveholder. So-called modern slavery does not qualify. In 1850’s Alabama an escaped slave had every man’s hand turned against him unless he could get to the North. Not really the case for a girl in a brothel in Walsall no matter how she got there. She only has to escape the house.

  10. Used to know several of the working girls in Walsall when I worked in the middle of the red light district. There were always rumours of slave girls in brothels working for no pay.
    The local girls didn’t believe it.

    We had all sorts. 11 year olds on the game, even sheltered accommodation for sex workers that was a great place for the girls to work out of – half dozen punters a night or more per girl.

    The problem with running a brothel using slaves is that the local working girls get to hear of it and have an incentive to shut it down.
    We do have brothels here, just your normal run of the mill ones though.

  11. @Martin
    There are always rumours of girls working as sex slaves in brothels. Finding any’s a lot rarer to the tune of zero.
    It’s a simple matter of economics. The rumour starts with the presumption there’s a shortage of hookers & money can be made out exploiting the shortage. There simply isn’t. There’s an infinite supply. The overhead costs of running a slave would be greater than what a willing girl will accept for providing an equal service.

  12. @BiS
    “There are always rumours of girls working as sex slaves in brothels. Finding any’s a lot rarer to the tune of zero.”

    It used to be a bee in my bonnet that this NEVER happens, but then there was an incident. It took place somewhere on the Finchely Road in north London. Some east european man kidnapped a girl, took her passport … He let her out one day, and she went to the police station. He got a long prison term. It was about 15 years ago, but I have been unable to find a link.

    I also came across a report of a slave brothel in Scotland, where the perpetrators and victims ( and presumably the johns ) where Nigerian or some such. That was also about 12 – 15 years ago, i havent even looked for a link, perhaps others can help.

    That’s two incidents, and I’ve been on the lookout for years. I suppose there are others, but not many.

    I like your idea that the local ‘working’ girls would come to know and report it.

  13. Having said the above, pimps can be very nasty, and getting caught in the clutches of a bad pimp might be not far from slavery

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