So, which way will this go?

Children whose fathers spend time playing with them at a very early age may find it easier to control their behaviour and emotions, which has a beneficial impact as they get older and start school, according to a new study.

Research carried out by Cambridge University’s faculty of education and the LEGO Foundation looked at how mothers and fathers play with children aged 0 to 3 years and how it affects child development.

While there are many similarities, it found that fathers tend to engage in more physical play like tickling, chasing, and piggy-back rides, which researchers claim appears to help children to learn to control their feelings.

That fathers are necessary and thus should be kept around?

Or that it’s sexist to control emotions and therefore carry on as at present?

16 thoughts on “So, which way will this go?”

  1. How the F can they tell it was the tickling? Is this not just bollocks, on the face of it, or conspiracy Rhoda wonders whether it’s a plot to get fathers tickling so they can be found out and removed from the household by the authorities?

  2. Physical sure start centres, funded by the taxpayer, to ensure that all children get it. Which won’t actually work, but it’ll take years for government to reverse it.

    What they also haven’t explored here is the punishments fathers dish out. Mothers can’t physically control teenage boys like fathers can. Boys know what is going to happen to them if they misbehave. They get kept in line at least until they get past teenage years, and if you haven’t been a criminal by then, you’ll have a job, be a bit more sensible and have a reasonable life.

  3. In an instance of Peak Grauniad a year or two back (why is it never only one peak, then the final descent?) some nitwit was complaining that tickling was bad for children because it taught them that they had no control over their own bodies.

  4. Tbf this only works as long as your kids don’t have the evil gene (red hair).

    Ask me about these bite marks.

  5. I call bollocks. Wasn’t it the received wisdom only recently that children brought up by emotionally absent fathers turned into emotionally repressed adults?

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    I am with Mal. The writer is going to cop it for hating single mothers. For some reason they seem to have replaced Saints as the Morally Pure Role Models For Us All these days.

    Science, ain’t it wonderful? Let’s see if this flows through to the Courts and gives men a fighting chance of seeing their children

  7. Since I’m white, I suppose I’ll be made to confess to having been a good influence on my children?

  8. In the past fathers were supposed to be distant and unemotional and their children grew up with a stiff upper lip.

    I would guess that in the past 40 odd years fathers have become much more involved with child rearing including rough and tumble play and yet the young adults of today are snowflakes.

    Something doesn’t add up.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ I would guess that in the past 40 odd years fathers have become much more involved with child rearing including rough and tumble play and yet the young adults of today are snowflakes.

    Something doesn’t add up.”

    The feminisation of society. Young males now declare they’re feminists and therefore not men in the sense we use here.

    Plus, I rarely watch TV and it’s mostly time shift viewing, but when I do see adverts their portrayal of men is depressing. We’re all dumb, at best, and can only exist because of wise, hard working women who are all a mixture of bad ass, saintliness and Wonder Woman.

  10. The reputed 20th century predilection of British upper-class men for buggery and flagellation is presumably not the fault of the public school system but of Victorian paternal-distancing? Good topic for an academic paper-not-worth-what-it’s-written-on.

  11. Jordan Peterson was talking about how tough and tumble play has an inverse correlation with ADHD. Get tough and tumble from parents and less likely to be ADHDised.

    The feminisation of society is due to the fact life is easy (relatively speaking). Plenty of food, plenty of warmth, lots of entertainment.
    Hard times make hard men, etc. And these aren’t hard times. We seem to be entering some though, so expect to see more masculine traits being desired and supplied over the next few years.

  12. asiaseen
    That reputed predilection is because the Septics don’t know what the word “fag” means. It’s bollocks

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