Structural Racism..

It always comes down to structural racism, doesnt it?

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  1. As I understand it, if you don’t treat bame people differently that’s systemic racism, if you do treat bame people differently that’s overt racism.

    Basically your a racist because your white.

  2. Racism. A bane of this ol’ existence. The source of all evil, well, I do declare, why didn’t you come to me? I’m your big daddy! I love you!
    Love? You don’t know what love means! For you, love is just a four-letter word!

  3. Wypipo! don’t set your racist dog on me!

    That dog is a white dog!
    Of course it is a white dog, everyone can see that!
    No, I mean he’s trained to attack black people! It is a racist dog!

  4. You have to be black to be able to see structural racism. Like St Greta can see CO2.

    You’ve also got systematic oppression of black people. Anyone with half a brain knows that the system has been tilted FOR blacks for decades. Oppression is an outrageous lie, but no one other than John Nolte dares say anything. Now kneel.

  5. The hyper-liberal anti-racist ideology, in all its glorious incoherence, amounts to:
    Whites are always oppressors.
    Non-whites are always oppressed.
    Race doesn’t exist, but we value diversity and celebrate difference.
    So let’s destroy diversity and all become the same – but only in white countries.

  6. Ah ,that was the German solution, wasn’t it Theo? Yeah, they’ll get round to that eventually.

  7. ‘All these underlying problems can be directly connected to the food and exercise you have access to, the level of education, employment, housing, healthcare, economic and political power within these communities.’


    WTF is ‘exercise you have access to?’

    And don’t all people use the same grocery stores (except the burnt out ones)?

    Splain how ‘level of education’ affects lethality of Covid.

    This is all a fabrication of the Leftwaffe.

  8. “Where […] do we see recent immigrants being top dogs?”

    I work in a technical field alongside a lot of recent immigrants. They’re not quite top dogs, but I don’t think anybody is on less than £75k. All those NHS doctors from overseas are well paid too. On the wealth side, plenty of foreign rich live in the UK, from Chinese students to Arab princes.

    No Jamaicans amongst them though.

  9. The repeated use of “innit” to diminish counter-arguments is a micro-aggression, indicating a low contempt for recent immigrants struggling against the oppression of white grammar. Innit.

  10. Guardian: All these underlying problems can be directly connected to the food and exercise you have access to, the level of education, employment, housing, healthcare, economic and political power within these communities

    1 Food ~ do Tesco et al refuse to sell certain foods or charge higher prices to BAEM? No
    2 Are BAEM prevented from exercising, walking, cycling, gym etc? No
    3 Education? Same for all, another No
    4 Employment? Same for all, another No
    5 Housing? Same for all, another No
    6 Healthcare? NHS refuses to treat BAEM? Really? That’s a No, No, No
    7 Economic and political power? Drug dealers seem to have plenty as do the over-representation in HoC and TV News. That’s a No, No, No

    Conclusion: Guardian lying

    As for more BAEM deaths from CV19 – it’s worldwide, but not all EMs: doesn’t apply to yellow skin

    Guardian etc knew in February (as I did) black/brown more at risk, but Guardian, BBC et al Failed to report this and advise them to take extra care. Who is to blame? Left media. Did they want more BAEM deaths?

    Structural Racism does not exist in UK; personal does, but usually confined to private life not work, money

    The only whitewash is genetics not being attributed as main cause and whites being blamed

    What holds blacks back is their refusal to act, behave and speak like others

    btw George Floyd – on top of all his other (co-morbidity) problems and drug intoxication, he had sickle cell anaemia. His blood Fentanyl level was 1.4ng/mL below median fatal dose

    White dog? We had a black lab that bared teeth and snarled/barked at blacks/brown and men wearing a hat. Then another one that jumped/ran into any car/house with an open door

    @Gamecock June 6, 2020 at 7:14 pm
    +100 “Positive” discrimination has been running for 40+ years now
    eg the “token” blacks in Starsky and Hutch

  11. Quote Of The Day

    To all the PC police officers monkeys who bent the knee to protesters, please pin on your fridges a picture of the unnamed, unarmed fellow officer whose face was slammed up against the wall outside No 10 by a protester who couldn’t be identified because he was wearing a red hoodie — and then write underneath it: ‘All lives matter.’
    – Amanda Platell

  12. All of the focus on gimmigrants misses the point

    The left are behind ALL this shite just as they are behind almost all of the problems that plague us.

    Adopt a broad spectrum of left-smashing measures and then step back in amazement as shitloads of problems start to clear up right away.

  13. What about the terrorist that broke into a woman’s home with other men, and held a gun against her as others ransacked her house?

    That would have been George Floyd. His “armed robbery” was a home invasion.

  14. The hypocrisy of the church service to honour him when so many grieving relatives have been denied attending or comforting people at funerals is beyond belief

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Ecks June 7, 2020 at 1:36 am – “Adopt a broad spectrum of left-smashing measures and then step back in amazement as shitloads of problems start to clear up right away.”

    This is wishful thinking. Why would it go away? The Left is able to use pre-existing divisions for their own fun and profit but those pre-existing divisions still exist and would go on existing without them.

    The democratic system only works when the two main parties agree to keep politics within certain civilised limits. They do that because we are all from the same community. Inciting racial hatred of Whites works. It is inevitable because a division exists. The more democracy you have, the more incitement you will have. The more violence will inevitably break out.

    We have let millions of people into the country who hate us. Who will go on hating. Who cannot really do anything but hate us. And it has nothing to do with how we behave. Where there is a distinction it will be exploited. Look at Scottish nationalism. No one in their right mind can claim the Scots are oppressed. Look at America’s Jewish community that cannot give up its dislike of the rest of the White community.

    This is the future – until one or other community disappears

  16. So Much For Subtlety

    Structural Racism is like micro-aggressions. What overly educated rich people complain about when there are no real problems left. There is no racism so they have to invent “structural racism”. There are no macro-aggressions so they have to obsess about whether or not I show pictures of my wife and children.

    The only racism left is that directed at Whites. Which is pretty much what all this is – a demand that Blacks should be allowed to kill as many Whites as they like without consequence

  17. Toynbee, Monbiot and the entire Guardian editorial team should be replaced by BAME people immediately. Might improve the paper!
    We do have a major structural problem however. A vast overproduction of elites. All those graduates with little knowledge relevant to current needs regard themselves as part of the elite, yet get little recognition because they haven’t earned any. The only way they have of feeling as important as they think they are is to cause trouble.

  18. Further to the above, the long term solution is to convert 4/5 of the universities into polytechnics, most of the sixth forms into technical collges, and allow the less bright who can’t benefit from the above to start earning at sixteen.

  19. I have never yet heard any of the people bleating about ‘structural racism’ providing evidence of this structure they are talking about. Difference of outcome is not evidence of course, unless you also believe there are also racist structures allowing Chinese kids to get the best SAT scores and blacks to dominate basketball.

  20. “to the . . exercise you have access to”
    The Public Health racket actually have league tables of Local Authorities by access to outdoor space for exercise within 250m of your house. Hartlepool, partly due to two large beaches, is in the top 10 for this, but is in the bottom 10 for people who actually take some exercise. To suggest this is cultural is fine.
    This is vaguely funny – a self-described ‘fit fella’ is recovering after contracting Covid-19, check the photograph only.

  21. The people who bleat about ‘structural racism’ are all blank-slaters i.e they deny science and believe that we’re all identical under the skin (see also trannies). If you believe that, then any difference in outcome must be because of prejudice and discrimination and not because racial, and sex, differences actually exist.


    When the only tool you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

  22. Final point.
    At present everyone under 18, the vast majority of those 18-21, and easily half the rest have nothing at all to do. The devil makes work for idle hands to do.

  23. In the late 60s/early 70s, campaigners convinced the U.S. to take action on pollution. We passed the Clean Air Act of 1970, Clean Water Act of 1972, and created the EPA. The campaigners didn’t go away. They kept griping. Pollution control actions got more draconian, and dealt with more minutia. Then the jump into man made global warming took over the agenda in the late 80s. At the expense of some real pollution problems.

    In the 60s/early 70s, campaigners convinced the U.S. to take action on race. Many things were done, like the Equal Rights Act 1964. We created the outlandishly fascist Equal Employment Opportunities Commission to ride herd over employers. The campaigners didn’t go away. They kept griping. The difference with the race campaigners and the environmental freaks is that the race baiters never evolved and matured.

    ‘Structual racism’ and ‘systematic oppression’ is 1960s rhetoric. Much has been done since the 60s, yet today’s campaigners act as if nothing is changed. Betraying the entire movement. They were used by the Leftwaffe to push their CM agenda. Ecks, SMFS are correct. It’s not about race at all.

    I do delight in the cynicism of the Left. Mayors kneeling in support of BLM. They are saying, “You are fvcking pathetic; you need my help to survive. Which I’m happy to do, as long as you vote for me. If you don’t, you ain’t black.”

  24. “a self-described ‘fit fella’ is recovering after contracting Covid-19, check the photograph only.”

    @Bongo – Fatty in the photo is probably “Fit for Hartlepool”. It’s about horses for courses.

    Then again, the doctor that told me I could stand to lose a few pounds was about 5 foot 4 and close to 250 pounds. She said nothing when I looked aside and smirked.

    Sometimes it’s just hypocrisy.

  25. @Gamecock
    George Floyd’s armed robbery female hostage was also pistol whipped. Floyd spent ~half his adult life in jail, his juvenile records haven’t been released yet

    “Fit Bloke” Tony Traynor is overweight, but does look very strong – not much fat on arms

    Reminds me of pre 1990s ‘strong men’ like Geoff Capes

    @Pat, @A

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