The BBC’s 8% quota for LGBT presenters

That’s light entertainment entirely buggered then, isn’t it? That’s not had as low as 8% representation since Lord Reith was checking underpants arrangements. Further, a claim that 8% of the population is LGBT is a bit over the top. 2 to 3% is more like it unless the B part is to include everyone who ever tried a same sex fumble.

Still, they’ll get down to it easily enough. Just stop employing Philip Scofield.

17 thoughts on “The BBC’s 8% quota for LGBT presenters”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    How does that 8% get split up between L, G, B and T?
    What about + ?
    What about the rest of the alphanumeric ‘community’?
    What about the one’s who haven’t declared? Will they be fired if outed because they are over quota?

  2. Let’s just defund the cunts, then we don’t need to worry about what they do. Get rid of the licence fee and they can make the Antiques Roadshow all-trannies and have an ISIS headchopper reading the news. Hopefully they’ll all meet up in the staff canteen.

  3. What evidence will be required to prove your LBGT…Etc photos, signed letter from a professional.
    DNA tests for ethnicity would be a minefield, whats an acceptable dilution ? What a clusterfucked finger pointing exercise this will be.

  4. Clearly they are committing themselves to having 52% of presenters Brexit supporters. Where do I apply?

  5. @DocBud ah.. one of the questions we can answer..

    The T bit ( according to actual scientific medical research) has an incidence of somewhere between 1:100.000 and 1:50.000. The latter number if you assume Tim’s “B” meaning “everyone who’s ever been Adventurous”.

    Now…the British Isles being the ( also scientifically proven) isolated Last Stand for Recessive Traits ( meaning incestuous barstards who’d bugger their granny because there’s nawt else,,But hey…. Islanders…) you can multiply that by a factor of 5 to 10.

    So… Worst Case, you end up with a maximum possible incidence of T of 1:5000 for the UK, bearing in mind the fact that that means that that number incorporates every bloke who’s ever displayed “emotions” who wasn’t gay…
    Even though UK thespianism ( and later BBC employment) is high in Oddities, the number of T’s isnt that high… we’d have noticed before it became “Acceptible” ( outside the army, of course…) ..
    So the incidence would be closer to the higher number, so around 1:10.000 -ish, maybe a bit higher.

    Now I don’t know how many people the BBC employs in *any* capacity, but if there’s more than 3 or 4 T’s drawing a salary there, the T’s are already clearly over-represented compared to the already inflated presence of them in the UK.

  6. Just stop employing Philip Scofield.

    In fairness, the only person in the UK that didn’t know Philip Scofield was gay was his wife. How’s that for “Bad Optics”?

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