The occasional good joke too

….post-watershed blackface, that operates under the guise of the comedy sketch show, found its own, horrid golden age in the early 00s. For many marginalised people, it was a truly cursed era of TV that not only mocked blackness, but dabbled in transphobia, fatphobia, misogyny, classism and ableism.

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  1. “but dabbled in transphobia, fatphobia, misogyny, classism and ableism.”

    I assume I should be horrified by this?

  2. Dennis, Woker'n The Rest Of You Fucks

    I assume I should be horrified by this?

    If you can stop laughing long enough to do so, yes.

  3. The main reason why comedy such as Little Britain is so problematic, is that much of what it parodied has become mainstream.

    Trump and Brexit Derangement show how politics has become its own parody. This BLM nonsense is a perfect example: a rather nasty petty criminal’s death leads to a revolutionary situation where even WE Gladstone can be erased from history because his father owned slaves.

    It all sounds like a Boulting Brothers film, just not as funny.

  4. Dennis, “basking in the ambiance, basking in the ambiance”, White Chicks was funny. I wonder if Terry Crews has gone woke yet?

  5. The entire present Marxist farce could be shut down in 24 hrs if the will was there at the top. As ever all manner of ills are shepherded our way by the cowardice of blulab scum.

    The red scum are kicking off because they know hard times are on the way and they seek to cash in on that.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    As ever all manner of ills are shepherded our way by the cowardice of blulab scum.

    Amen. Not only are our rulers idiots but they are also spineless.

    I like to think that British men fought and died in two World Wars for more than this. For the right to make a joke about a fat, one legged Welsh lesbian at least.

  7. They’ve pulled ‘Gone With The Wind’ from HBO.

    Because of something something something or other.

  8. Does anyone else remember the black comedy sketch series called In Living Colour from the early 1990’s.

    It was bloody funny. It poked razor sharp barbs at all aspects of black culture and didn’t hold back from firing at few shots at black gay men. The now oh-so-woke Jim Carrey was part of the cast as the token white*. Maybe he should be cancelled because of this?

    *JC also played a transsexual (or whatever the term was back then) character called Vera de Milo but appears to have escaped any flak to date for doing so. I wonder if Carrie reads this site.

  9. The thing to do if you’re the butt of the joke is to embrace it. I remember Des O’Connor being mercilessly mocked on Morecombe and Wise. In one sketch on the show Eric and Ernie are executed by firing squad. In the following camera shot one of the shooters turns round and is revealed to be a grinning Des. Cue big laugh.

  10. If Gladstone is fair game, cos of his dad, we could play a little game. A bit like Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon. How many steps does it take to get from any person on the left to a racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. comment or action by someone they have worked with, been associated with or are related too.

    Shouldn’t take long to cancel the lot of them.

    Guardian’s already been outed as being founded by a cotton merchant who bought his cotton in the slave-owning Deep South so that’s equivalent to the guy in Bristol.

  11. For many marginalised people, it was a truly cursed era of TV that not only mocked blackness, but dabbled in transphobia, fatphobia, misogyny, classism and ableism.

    Why do Millennials always think nothing happened in the world before 2000?

    Everything you hate was around a lot longer than you think.

  12. Gone with the Wind the racist film that saw the first black women nominated for and winning an Oscar, good choice
    As for Little Britain surely the fact they included those characters was a reflection of how diversity is part of current British culture?
    Was good to see John Barnes respond to Bo Selecta Keith Lemon hair shirt performance that it wasn’t offensive. It seems entertainers are running scared of the mob and trying to get their mea culpa in first

  13. “not only mocked blackness, but dabbled in transphobia, fatphobia, misogyny, classism and ableism”
    So pretty much took the piss out of everyone/everything

  14. Most people probably won’t remember that Sir Lenny Henry had an abortive Hollywood career; a film in which he disguises himself as a white man.

    Yet I feel that the sight of our Lenny abasing himself and apologising for this historical behaviour would upset me more than having to watch his terrible film.

    The thing about all this, of course, is that black-face (or in this case white-face) is racial, not racist.

    It’s simply double standards if a man is applauded for dressing and making-up as a woman, yet vilified for dressing and making-up as a different race.

  15. “Andy Pipkin was the butt-of-the-joke wheelchair user in Little Britain”

    Well, no, he wasn’t. He was a guy taking the piss out of his carer.

    “Vicky Pollard which Chavs author Owen Jones described as classic demonisation of the working class;”

    FFS she’s a character and not unlike some real girls you hear on the bus. And no, not the working class but chavs.

    “Precious Little was Come Fly With Me’s resident Jamaican and Ali G was Sacha Baron Cohen’s chain-wearing slang-speaking rude boy. ”

    Jesus H tapdancing Christ. Ali G is the deluded white guy who thinks he’s black. It’s supposed to be disconcerting for the interviews. The Ali G movie even shows him as a white guy having a goth phase. He uses dialogue like “Staines.. the ghetto”. He’s every kid in a Vauxhall Nova in the car park of Matalan on a Friday night who probably wants to be Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious.

  16. @BoM4
    Whenever you get someone bitching like this you have to wonder if they’ve ever seen or understood what it is they’re complaining about.

  17. BoM4
    I think that I’ve mentioned this story before, but it is always worth repeating.
    I was on a bus and by the door was a Vicky Pollard, can of lager in one hand, pram in the other. Wearing a strappy pink top which only just covered her ample embonpoint and tummy. She was talking to her mate.
    “And I have to go to court next week an’ all !”
    “How come ?”
    “Well, coz I was the last one to see him before he got stabbed…”

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