The price of celebrity

So, little videos made saying “Happy Birthday” and the like by famous people.

Caitlyn Jenner
Patriarch-turned-matriarch of the Kardashians
£2,075 a video

Lee MacDonald
Zammo McGuire in BBC TV’s Grange Hill

Presumably “famous in the comments section of his own blog” would mean me paying them….

9 thoughts on “The price of celebrity”

  1. £2075 for greetings from an upmarket panto dame?

    Where’s Billy Dainty and Terry Scott when they’re needed? They would have put on a better show for a fraction of that.

  2. If you’re of the right generation, a comedy video greeting by Zammo from Grange Hill is well worth £15, especially if your mate is still fond of the pills and powders.

  3. Yeah, the pre-woke moralising descent of Zammo into a druggie waster had the same effect as Blue Peter bringing Joey Deacon to the attention of the British playground.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    It is nice that Thesps get such a brutally frank introduction into the world of the marketplace. If only university students got something similar when they enrolled in Essex Poly’s Sociology course.

    Of course the pre-graduation realisation of said Essex students often leads them to a life time of Marxism – come the Revolution really bad poetry and nose rings will be valued apparently – so I wonder if it does to has-been actors?

  5. But according to the recent ruling against the BBC concerning presenters this is discrimination as they are doing the same job

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