There might be a reason for this Honey

The left eating itself is always amusing to watch:

The global advocacy group for gender equality Women Deliver has launched an investigation into allegations of racism and discrimination within the organisation.

Its CEO, Katja Iversen, a G7 advisor on gender equality, has issued an apology and taken a leave of absence until the conclusion of the investigation.

The move follows a series of allegations from previous and current staff that began circulating on Twitter last week. They complained of a toxic working environment and said the organisation suffered from a “white saviour” complex”.

Tee hee and all that. But this:

Perhaps if you displayed significant knowledge of our common language you’d do better. Clickish means doing it for clicks – that standard of journalism on the Daily Mail’s Sidebar of Shame. What you mean is cliquish.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    They complained of a toxic working environment and said the organisation suffered from a “white saviour” complex”.

    Well, yes, it is, as they might say, just what it says on the tin. They are White women attempting to impose their values on the Third World because they think that Third World women will benefit from those values. By definition that is a White saviour complex.

    My time at Women Deliver was plagued by straight up racist, white faux feminism & toxic clickish behavior — from the top down. And most former & current employees completely agree.

    Racist? Faux feminism? Well that doesn’t sound so bad. As Rocco could tell you, there is nothing wrong with a bit of faux feminism. Toxic clickish behaviour? Indeed.

    What she means, in reality, is that she would like to run the whole company and wants it now. So again White people have created something – something useless in this case but funded and functional – and some non-White person wishes to have it without working hard for it.

    Fine by me. I would give it thirty months, tops, being run by the dregs of the Third World before it collapses. There is a reason why so much good in the world is being done by White people. Function may only be skin deep but dysfunction goes all the way to the bone.

  2. “Clickish” is one of those awful Americanisms. She does indeed mean “cliqueish”, but they pronounce it “click” or “clicky” etc.

    See also: “bayzil”, “erb”, “yow”, “parmezharn”.

    Modern (coastal?) American usage is aesthetically one of the ugliest creations of modern times.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    those who have been tokenised and/or subjected to microaggressions, discrimination, racism, transphobia and white supremacist behaviour.

    Well that’s most of the day taken up.

    m’Lud, isn’t “yow” Brummie rather than American? However, the stretching of vowels seems to denote ‘foreign’, hence Eye-ran and Eye-raq.

  4. Judging by the many examples she quotes, which I read with the usual morbid fascination, this entitled child is unlikely to find satisfaction unless each and every cis white woman is made subservient to her.

    With that attitude she probably has quite a bright future in whatever the hell it is she claims to do. At least until someone slightly higher up the victimhood scale sets their sights on her.

  5. Capitalism has worked too well. We are now well off enough that people can complain about the non ‘jobs’ they have in these terms. If she was starving, micro-aggression would be eating mouldy bread. Just think what it would be like if we had robots doing all the work and we just had leisure time instead of working. These self-entitled pricks would ruin the world in less than 5 years.

  6. “ These self-entitled pricks would ruin the world in less than 5 years.”

    We’re already 4 years into that…

  7. Ha ha

    I actually read “chickish” . I was imagining all these women sitting around discussing Kathy Lette or Bridget Jones books to the exclusion of all those who only read Jane Austen

  8. Would guess that just because someone holds all the right right-on opinions and can network their way to running some third sector organisation, it doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to run an organisation (in fact, they’re probably more likely to be very bad at it). Then people lower down the hierarchy see all the bad stuff, but they too don’t have a clue and turn it into a stream of word soup about all the right right-on opinions being not quite all the right right-on opinions.

  9. The thing is this stuff often isn’t racist, but you get certain behaviour within groups that leads to it looking like this.

    For example, you don’t see many brown people at farmer’s markets or Glastonbury. There is social value for white people to stand in a muddy field listening to distorted indie music like there isn’t for black people. Likewise, some brown people gain social value going to mosque, like white people don’t get.

    And when you’re involved in pointless parts of government and various 3rd sector charitywank that does nothing of any real use, people care more about who you are than what you do.

  10. And Mascau, Mr B.

    Brum is generally hideous, I accept, but the Brum “yow” lacks the adenoidal stoner poove quality (if that’s the word I want) of its transatlantic cousin.

  11. Yall, me and her have masters degrees from the SAME INSTITUTION.

    Bloody hell “she and I have master’s degrees” you thick tart.

  12. The problem with parmigiaaaaan is that Seppos make no distinction between Parmesan, from Parma, and Parmigiana, in the style of Parma. And they call the cheeses parmigiaaaan when they mean parmesan cheeses, which in the US probably comes from Wisconsin.

  13. “parmesan cheeses, which in the US probably comes from Wisconsin.”

    And probably out of an aerosol can.

  14. Yes reading chelsea’s twitter deposition, it seems Chelsea is an active no bullshit ambitious go getter (nothing wrong with that per se and probably will stand her in good stead in many roles/institutions) But In WD she was passed over in preference for nicey nicey women, which in Chelsea’s eyes is a white woman trait ergo institutional and direct racism. Now HR pros will have to earn their crust to unpick this from vanilla someone noping out of an organisation/ role that fits neither parties (and is a bit bitter as a result). But the problem HR are going to have is some academic somewhere is bound to have written “nicey nicey is a white woman trait therefore selecting for that is racism”. So saying ok this just happens to be a team, or department or a function or the whole shebang’s credo, that it prefers the nicey nicey approach out of many possibly approaches, is, in the eyes of the academic’s acolytes taken off the table.

    And whether it is or it isn’t it may be the least of WD’s problems if more revelations to come to light perhaps from some bloke who felt their progress through the ranks was inhibited either for being an active no bullshit ambitious go getter or perhaps even more outrageously: a bloke.

  15. The problem, of course, is that it is the brown and black parts of the world where women suffer very real discrimination and actual oppression; up to and including sanctioned murder. So any women’s rights group worthy of the name must necessarily focus exclusively on those places, rather than on the West where women have long since achieved every legitimate aspiration. This is not White Saviour Complex or racism; it’s the necessary and logical imperative for anyone who actually cares about women.

  16. Lud, old stick, what’s wrong with “yow”, apart from the spelling?

    Did not the ploughman poet sing “Ca’ the yowes tae the knowes”?

  17. dearieme, perhaps my speeling failed to do justice to the abominable spoken version.

    Try this instead: yeouuwh(nnngh)

  18. At the end of the thread she actually names her oppressors.
    I wonder how it works in the US, has she just defamed her ex-colleagues ?

  19. The Meissen Bison

    stoner poove quality

    I’ve often wondered where the upper limit of micro-agressions might be found.


    Yes, I’m certainly getting hints of adenoids there.

  20. They kill 600,000 black babies a year – women’s health, ya know – and now someone thinks they are racist? Whah!

    Katja might spend some of her time off at a gym.

  21. Feminists have now been outflanked and attacked on their chosen battlefield from behind, first by the trans brigade and now by black women. Inevitable really. Encourage an atmosphere of lunatic factionalism, and hope that your faction doesn’t disintegrate – bad luck.

  22. TMB

    “However, the stretching of vowels seems to denote ‘foreign’, hence Eye-ran and Eye-raq.”

    Hmmm…there are plenty of stretched syllables in indigenous prole-speak:
    Ow-er for our
    Fy-er for fire
    Fl-ow-wer for flour

  23. Gamecock: Nope, North of England born and bred, though now living in East Anglia.

    TMB: Could be. Not sure where stretching becomes a dipthong. ‘Ow-er’ (translation: our) seems to me to be in a different category to dipthongs such as ‘loud’ or ‘side’.

  24. Given her obsession with Tiwitter and the organisations use of it anyway maybe she does mean clickish, they were more concerned with appearances than actually doing anything

  25. The Meissen Bison

    Thanks, Nessimmersion. Theo who’s in Cambridge I think will appreciate knowledge that may not have reached the new university.

  26. Chelsea (@chelsea_wd)
    Name says it all – trailer trash “Like, Yeah bu’, no bu’ ” thicko

    Well said, agree

    @Mr Lud
    …and Or–regano

  27. It’s depressing that people like this are able to make a living from this bollocks and are not starving and living in a cardboard box.

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