This won’t work out well

Boris Johnson will on Tuesday promise a “New Deal” for the British people to rebuild the post-Covid economy with a plan borrowed from Depression-era America….

After all, the New Deal didn’t…..

19 thoughts on “This won’t work out well”

  1. ‘Don’t wanna new deal, want the old deal back.’ Thank you Rhoda for expressing my sentiments so exactly.

  2. It will be a Green freak show into the bargain. 3 jobs fucked for every one artificially created.

    And remember the cunt is just as big a car-grabber as that scum Macron. He is craftier than Granny’s Boy that is all.

    The creature has transcended stupid.

    Ruin the economy and keep the ruin going as long as possible so as to affect small businesses the most while allowing Tory donor big scum to pick up what business there is. Also trying to impose ruinous conditions on businesses already battered near to death as they try to reopen.

    Talk a lot of shite while having money printing as his only ploy. Think that the results of that will somehow be different this time around.

    Introduce East Germany as the new normal and see how many bedwetters he can count on–but all the while seeming to think that millions emerging from their paid holiday to discover they will likely be in dole poverty for YEARS is no big deal.

    He may have 80 seat maj–but not amongst his own treacherous shower of BlueLab shite he doesn’t.

  3. I’m not sure that I like the implication, seeing as it was a massive two front war that saved the US economy.

  4. ‘Boris Johnson plans a ‘Rooseveltian New Deal’ to rebuild Britain’

    Britain doesn’t need ‘rebuilding.’ An economic slowdown for a few months hardly justifies ‘rebuilding.’ In fact, it’s just an excuse dumbasses will accept for the rebuilding they have been wanting to do all along.

    BTW, FDR’s New Deal failed. And was eventually ruled illegal. But don’t let that slow you down, BoJo.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    The test case will be the stupid HS2 railway through a bunch of Conservative seats. Boris refuses to back down from this Goddamn awful project even though he must be able to see it will cost him votes. I assume the cheque is in the mail.

    But who knows? Maybe he will build Boris Island and close the national shame of Heathrow?

  6. He’s always liked these vanity projects though, hasn’t he? The so-called ‘Garden Bridge’, the airport in the Thames estuary (I think that’s what Mr Subtlety refers to), Boris bikes, Boris buses, the sodding Olympics.

    I knew for a certainty that he and the others were mad (as distinct from merely hopeless) when, at the start of lockdown, at the start of closing down the productive section of the economy, not only was no thought given to trying to reduce public expenditure and therefore we continue to have to pay taxes at the same rate (soon to be higher) even while being forcibly prevented from working to earn the money to pay the tax, but, but! Then the HS2 decision was confirmed. Then £1tn on green bollocks, further nuking the economy.

    I think it was Lew Rockwell who said all governments are protection rackets. But even the mafia don’t actually close down the shops paying their protection money.

    And to think that people were scared of the Brexit Projects Fear, mark 1 …, 2 …. etc., predicting merely that the economy would grow marginally less quickly over the next few decades.

    This is actual medness, Carruthers.

    Plus, on the principle that you might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb, I can definitely see the capering lunatic embracing a slavery ‘reparations’ tax.

  7. @ Mr Ecks
    War saved the *American* economy. For two years they built ships, manufactured weapons, exported oil and sold near-obsolete ships they didn’t want to the combatants at excessive prices in exchange for their gold and investments. Then Roosevelt claimed the credit for the boost to American employment.
    After September 1939 he also started rearmament and getting some of his unemployed into uniform and training them in case Congress pushed the USA into war against the USSR-Nazi alliance.

  8. @Lud

    I think all politicians love a bit of “legacy”, especially a big chunk of physical infrastructure, but Boris seems to love it more than most. The bridge to Northern Ireland is the one I’m waiting for!

    More realistically, the Welsh tidal lagoons? HS2 probably a cert at this stage. I suspect there simply isn’t the expertise and equipment in the UK to tackle so many rail projects simultaneously, but some sort of speed-up towards HS3 and Crossrail2 wouldn’t surprise me either, even if the physical construction (particularly for HS3) doesn’t happen for a while.

  9. The only “legacy” Blojob will leave is ruin and a rep for sucking Marxism’s dick.

    If we get out WTO–he might try for that as a legacy–nearest he’ll ever get.

  10. Per Jeff Taylor the actual speech was about 5 bill worth of infrastructure shite most of which already planned.

    Apart from Tory Konstruction Kronies the rest of UK economic activity can fend for itself under the usual bullshit rules.

  11. Gamecock
    No – we find, or start, a war where we can supply the combatants. A highly attritional one involving lots of loss of materiel.

    Preferably they pay in gold.

  12. WWII ended the Great Depression by breaking down international trade barriers, and by spurring massive technological development, creating opportunities for new businesses.

  13. @ Gamecock
    That is a very US-centric view. And you didn’t repeal the Jones Act so I am not sure that it is even correct.

  14. “That is a very US-centric view.”

    It’s okay. Like Dennis, I am American.

    “And you didn’t repeal the Jones Act so I am not sure that it is even correct.”

    Cabotage is banned by most everyone.

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