Tre Professori double counts

He’s plugging sustainable cost accounting again. Gissa Job etc. Where we get this:

And as it turns out, almost no one does seem to think Scope 3 is material. So we end up with the absurd situation where airports claim they are carbon-neutral because they ignore the emissions from the planes that fly from them and coal mines can make the same claim because they say someone else burns the coal that they mine, and they claim that’s got nothing to do with them when glaringly obviously that’s untrue.

Well, someone sells me a car. Which uses petrol. Scope 3 emissions then depend upon how much I use that car. How can the car manufacturer be made responsible for how much I drive?

Which is why Scope 3 emissions are not the responsibility of the people who don’t make the emissions. Well, that plus the fact that my supplier’s Scope 3 emissions are my Scope 1 or 2 therefore they’re already included in the system anyway….

17 thoughts on “Tre Professori double counts”

  1. The whole topic seems convoluted. People actually are paid to think these nonsensical ideas? Perhaps I should be bolder. I’ll set up a think tank, preferably left-leaning, that’s where the money is. Throw in a few other ideas too. Racism, climate, Palestine, patriarchy – all seen through a prism of one’s white privilege.

  2. “Inventor of sustainable cost accounting”

    I’m guessing you’d want something a bit more memorable than that as your epitaph.

  3. @ Bravefart
    Sustainable costs are not the ones that need to be accounted for – it’s the unsustainable ones that deplete Gaia’s resources. So “Inventor of sustainable cost accounting (a complete waste of time)” would be an appropriate epitaph for Mr (formerly “Professor”) Murphy.

  4. Seems perfectly reasonable – the fire brigade should include the emissions from those fires they put out too. One assumes the object here is to make the numbers produced as useless as possible?

  5. Tim

    I don’t know how can stand to trawl through the utter fucking bilge this complete twat comes out with.

    You’re wasting your time anyway, because we all know he’s a total cunt, and nobody who needs informing is likely to be reading your output.

    But power to your elbow anyway.

  6. @Jack the dog

    And yet, because Spud tells people what they hope to hear, he always has an audience.

    It’s the snake oil salesman. If you’re dying and desperate you’ll believe someone who says they can cure you.

    Snake oil salesman are dangerous and need someone to call them out before more people believe them.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    AndrewC: because Spud tells people what they hope to hear, he always has an audience

    Nicolas Boileau: “Un sot trouve toujours un plus sot qui l’admire.
    (A fool always finds a greater fool to admire him.)

    While we’re on a multilingual thread, this from Guido is priceless: Imperial College is dropping the ribbon and motto from its crest. It read “Scientia imperii decus et tutamen” which was highly offensive to the woke latinists toiling on its rarified academic slopes.

    The offending word, given the peerless but not peer-reviewed work of Prof Ferguson, should logically have been scientia but not so. It seems that imperii is the unacceptable element for the “community” at Imperial (oops!) .

    Please prepare to welcome BLM College, University of Mogadishu (London Campus). People really are that dim that they cannot see their virtue signalling tipping over into absurdity!

  8. @TMB – they’ve not yet hired the potato so they haven’t hit rock bottom yet, though they want to become a joke , regardless.

  9. Typical with an armorial motto, it’s also a pun, meaning that knowledge that you gain /from/ /Imperial/ as opposed to any other jumped-up degree-issuing institution.

    Logically, they should have gone for the name of the institution itself, making the motto inaccurate. But, logic? You don’t want to attend an opressive post-colonial education institution? Don’t you think that should have passed through the space between your ears when filling out the UCCA form?

  10. Imperial was first choice on my UCCA form, however, when I went for interview I found them to be arrogant and pretentious, so I didn’t accept their offer.

  11. I think the readers of this blog should offer to fund his headstone, with the proviso that we get to decide among ourselves what goes on it.

  12. Thanks for that PCar. Have shared with people in NZ, Aus, South Africa and Singapore.

    We’ve been making the most of the relaxed travel restrictions in Queensland this weekend. Four family members who we haven’t seen since January have travelled up from down south to Yeppoon and five have travelled down from Mackay.

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