Welcome to society folks

Transgender and nonbinary people are constantly adjusting and revolving our lives around the preferences and feelings of cisgender people, not because we want to do that but because there aren’t enough hours in the day to fight every battle and not enough rights to guarantee our safety.

Because that’s what society is. Curbing our own enthusiasms in order not to confront those of others.

Sure, there are limits to how much others can impose upon us but there are also – and this is what “society” means – curbs on how much we can upon others. You wanna wear a frock? Go for it, as with yarmulka, turban or three piece suit. Identify as female? Sure, and we’ll march right with you to defend your right to do so. But as with Mill the fist and the nose there are indeed limits. Which does indeed mean that you, as with every other member of the society, are adjusting lives to fit around the preferences and feelings of the other people in that society.

Welcome to equality, folks!

14 thoughts on “Welcome to society folks”

  1. Yeah… we should Ben d’Over for the big-mouthed Offended fraction of the 0.0001% of the population with a specific little Problem… Because they are Special..

    Ummmm.. yeah… let’s not….

  2. ‘aren’t enough hours in the day to fight every battle’

    Battles of your invention. You wish you could harangue more, but there just aren’t enough hours.

    BTW, you threaten even tolerance with your behavior.

  3. You’ve got to hand it to xe. Most 2 year olds can’t sustain a tantrum for more than about ten minutes, but this 40 year old xe-child has a lot more stamina.

  4. Charles Clymer is a wealthy male feminist who got cancelled by actual feminists for being an abusive creep.

    (I know, what are the odds?)

    So naturally he turned up a couple of years later as ‘Charlotte’ Clymer, a hulking big bristly true and honest woman. And feminists daren’t criticise him again, because he has tranny privilege now.

    If I understand quantum mechanics as much as I think I do after seeing that wheelchair guy on Tomorrow’s World, it seems Royston Vasey has finally broken through and subsumed our reality. Mark Gatiss tried to warn us, but we didn’t listen.

  5. What is most enraging is the scum weakness of BlueLabour shite.

    The entire edifice of marxist bullshit could be laid low forever in about a week of concerted action. Bloj even has the tyrannical powers to hand to finish the job. But he is pissweak and Karl Marx keeps what are supposed to be his Tory balls in a little sack made from Blojob’s ballbag.

  6. As Gamecock says, they are fighting battles of their own invention. Because it’s the fighting they like and the chance to deride and abuse the general public, especially women. One might say now that a misogynist is a man who hates women as much as women do, but not anywhere near as much as the deranged trannies hate them.
    Same with the ‘male feminists’, a bunch of rapey creeps who don’t actually like women.

  7. In recent days I’ve noticed ungrammatical use of “xe” on this site, in situations where the term ought to be “xim” or “xer”. Not complicated, is it? . . . Is it . . . ?

  8. Don’t you mean “him” or “her”, if we’re speaking English and not Mentallymakingitupaswegoalongish?

  9. ‘… constantly adjusting and revolving our lives around the preferences and feelings of cisgender people… .’

    Or… Nowt s’queer as folk – as we say Oop North.

  10. ‘Last year, I was sexually assaulted by a cisgender, heterosexual man in a public space. He groped me, and I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to do. Because who’s going to believe me? I didn’t report him.’
    He, it, should be so lucky, the ‘man’ musy have been pissed.

  11. Shouldn’t they be pleased they were groped, after all they want to be treated like women and we are constantly told how all women are being sexually assaulted by the feminists

  12. Trans Lives Matter More Than Anyone Elses

    Skirmish with BLMMTHAE on Waterloo Bridge this evening.

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