Well, no, not really, you know?

‘It’s like Armageddon’: Bournemouth beach crowds spark fears over UK’s ‘staycation summer’

Armageddon? The whore of Babylon was feeding the crowd from her 666 teats or summat?

Or just that there were some people on the beach then?

21 thoughts on “Well, no, not really, you know?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    It has been chaos. 500+ parking violations in 3 hours, tons of rubbish left on beaches, one councillor on traffic duty spat at, guards at Durdle Door controlling entrance (we drove past the overflow car park on Wednesday evening and it was still rammed full), human faeces on the beach at Lulworth Cove, lifeboat call outs to people on inflatables. I don’t remember takes like this on the busiest public holidays.

    Yes, some poor preparation from the authorities but it does look like some places were over capacity even with social distancing ignored. Mrs is BiND and a few other are livid with the leader of the council, he went on TV and asked people to stay away because we don’t have many cases and she thinks that attracted people.

    We were at Kimmeridge all day Wednesday and it it was relatively quiet, perhaps weekend levels at most.

    Don’t believe the crowd photos though, they use telephoto lenses to make the places appear busier, it’s called lens compression.

  2. Perhaps If we sent the kiddies back to school, the adults back to work, fewer people would have time for this? I.e. perhaps if we just got back to normal we’d have more social distancing than we have now.

  3. Bloke from Southampton

    BiND – We went to Friar’s Cliff (just along from Mudeford) yesterday. Car park was as busy as I’ve ever seen it but the beach was fine. Everybody was social distancing (who doesn’t try and sunbathe with some distance to the next group anyway) and rubbish was not being left around.

  4. There’s a marked absence of tattooed, lobster hued landwhales on our playa. Gracias St Covid.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Bloke from Southampton,

    Everywhere’s closed, there’s only the beach so I don’t blame them.

    I commented to our MP and county councillor that at a small music festival we used to go to in the Chilterns the organisers would wander round handing out black bin bags In the worst case they only had to collect the bags the next day, rather than pick up all the rubbish.

    I do object to people shitting in takeaway burger boxes and leaving those lying around; disgusting bastards.

  6. Bad behaviour is never a good thing. And emptying their bowels on the beach is uncouth–are there toilets there and were they closed?

    But masses defying the bullshit East Germany new-normal tyranny is a grand thing to hear of.

  7. A pendant writes: the hill of Megiddo is situated in Palestine. It’s under archaeological investigation, I understand. No demon kings or 666 teated whores so far though.

  8. ‘perhaps if we just got back to normal we’d have more social distancing than we have now.’

    I agree.

    Of course the beachgoers might well feel that they have just as much right to be uncouth as the statue-smashers.

  9. Their rotten lockdown is broken. The people have spoken. The government should have got ahead of it, cos there’s nowt they can do now. Except look stupid, and although everyone should be allowed to do what they are good at, we’ve seen enough of that.

  10. Philip, Megiddo is in Israel rather than the West Bank, but yes, Palestine one way or the other. It’s the one hill in a flat plain that stretches to the horizon all round. it’s a national monument, nice to visit, lots of excavations done, very peaceful. There’s a spring at the foot of the hill, and somebody clever dug a tunnel to it from the center, and then closed it off at the outside. So you have a defensible position with fresh water, and therefore a fort since long before Biblical times, and up to the ottomans. Got my favorite baseball cap there.

  11. …Megiddo is in Israel rather than the West Bank, but yes, Palestine one way or the other.

    “Palestine” was a title of humiliation imposed on the native inhabitants by the imperialist, slave-owning European oppressors. It should be cancelled.

  12. A 15.00 high tide combined with relatively narrow beaches will tend to compress holidaymakers into a somewhat confined space by mid afternoon. Who would have guessed?

  13. There does not appear to have been an uptick in COVID-19 cases following the Marxist riots recently. Hopefully this will also apply to the beach and footeh morons.

  14. “long before Biblical times”: good trick that. The Bible starts with the Creation.

    Or it did when I was a lad. Maybe translating it into Town Council English has changed that.

  15. Rhoda: Can we have 17 million fuck-offs to Gauleiter Hancock please.

    As for faeces on the beach, that’s what you get when you close the public loos.

  16. Dearieme, hm. I guess you’re right. I meant sort of Solomon-to-David time, and even that’s pretty much straight fiction, but I suppose the Book not only goes back to the beginning but forward to the end, whether that’s teatime today or a billion billion years from now.

  17. We are all aware that the Bible got the age of the universe wrong aren’t we? There is an awful lot of time that occurred before Biblical times, even in the middle east.

  18. Bloke in North Dorset said:
    “I do object to people shitting in takeaway burger boxes and leaving those lying around; disgusting bastards.”

    Is it much different to what was in them originally?

    Not very good behaviour, but with the pubs, cafes etc. closed by government order, so their loos not available, and public toilets mostly a thing of the past, they may not have had much alternative.

    P.S. – if you want a beach in Dorset in the summer, Chapman’s Pool is a tougher walk from the car park so is usually pretty deserted. Just past the Square & Compass as well, although that’s not much use at the moment.

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